Who is Sakura to Ryu?

Who is Sakura to Ryu?

Sakura Kasugano (春日野 さくら, Kasugano Sakura) is a fictional character in the Capcom’s Street Fighter series. The fourth female fighter of the series, she made her first appearance in Street Fighter Alpha 2 in 1996. She is a young Japanese girl fighter who idolizes Ryu, by whom she wants to be trained.

Is Sakura from Street Fighter a boy or girl?

Sakura Kasugano (春日野 さくら, Kasugano Sakura?) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter Alpha 2. She is a Japanese girl with an intense fixation on Ryu, having copied and learned many of his techniques, and chasing him around the world to prove herself to him.

How old is Sakura SFV?

The now-15-year old Sakura was searching for Ryu and wished for him to train her to be a better fighter.

Was Sakura trained by Ryu?

Sakura began to participate in street fighting after she saw Ryu fight while she was on her way to school, and trained to emulate his style since.

How old is Sakura in Alpha 3?

Sakura Kasugano (春日野 (かすがの) さくら?) is a 16-year-old (as of Alpha 3) Japanese schoolgirl who has an intense fascination with Ryu. She’s managed to copy and learn some of Ryu’s techniques, but really wants him to train her personally.

Who is Ryu’s love interest?

In the classic NG series, Irene is Ryu’s romantic interest and partner, having met during Ryu’s investigation of his father’s death. After their many adventures the two open a Curio Shop together and she gives Ryu a sense of peace.

Who is M Bison rival?

This is a list of rival battles seen in the Street Fighter games….Street Fighter IV series.

Character Rival
Guile M. Bison (3P) Abel (3K)
Dhalsim Rufus
Balrog Chun-Li
Vega Chun-Li

Who is the partner of Kagura?

In the official story, Hayabusa and Kagura are childhood friends. However, since many players are shipping them together, Hayabusa officially becomes the lover of Kagura.

Who is Sakura in Street Fighter?

Sakura is one of two fighters who learned their fighting styles from two of the main characters in the Street Fighter series, Ryu and Ken. The other is Sean. Sakura is notable for having these distinctions in the series. Kono Omoi o Tsutaetai?), sung by Yuko Sasamoto (same voice actress from the games).

What does Sakura’s win quote mean in Street Fighter IV?

Sakura’s win quote towards Evil Ryu in the Arcade Edition of Super Street Fighter IV is a reference to the animated movie, Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind, when he almost kills her for getting in his way from killing an S.I.N. agent.

When is Sakura coming to Street Fighter V Arcade Edition?

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