Does Audi connect cost money UK?

Does Audi connect cost money UK?

Free subscription or not, you’ll still have to pay for a data package to actually use Audi Connect Services and turn your Audi into a mobile hotspot.

How do I activate myAudi connect UK?

From your Audi, you’ll need to login using your myAudi account details and then add your 10 digit number found on the key tag of your car key or scan your QR code to connect to your vehicle. Once you’re connected, you unlock the benefits 1 of a connected Audi world.

How much does Audi connect subscription cost?

If you want to upgrade to Audi connect® PRIME or Audi connect® PLUS, Audi connect® costs are as follows: Audi connect® PRIME:$199 for 6 months and $499 for 18 months. Audi connect® PLUS:Mobile data share is $10 a month while unlimited data is $25 per month.

Can I use my own SIM for Audi Connect UK?

You can also use your own SIM card and establish Wi-Fi internet access through your own cellular provider. In this case, the data volume used by Audi connect services will also be charged to the customer’s SIM card and the Audi connect SIM temporarily deactivated.

What is Audi connect UK?

Connect Infotainment takes in-car entertainment, information and comfort to a new level. Your car connects to the internet to access a range of helpful features which also link to your myAudi app.

How can I use Audi connect without a SIM card?

If you have a newer Audi, so post-2016, many models have LTE built directly into the car, so you don’t need a SIM – just activate Audi Connect and you’ll get all the features working. If you’re running an older model, 2015 or lower, then you will need a SIM to access Audi Connect. MORE: Only Need LTE In Your Car?

What is Audi connect license?

A Connect licence enables you to access multiple online services from your vehicle such as Online Traffic Information, Weather and News. Your Audi may already have an active Connect licence, you can check this in your vehicle’s MMI using these instructions here.

Does every Audi have Audi connect?

Audi connect is an optional piece of equipment that is offered for all new Audi vehicles.

Do I need a SIM card for Audi connect?

You Need A SIM Card To Access Audi Connect If all you want to do is access Audi Connect, and not make calls or send texts, all you need is a data-only SIM card. But if you want to experience all of Audi Connect, including support for phone calls and texts, you will need a SIM that comes with both data and calls.

How long is Audi connect free?

Connect Prime and Connect Plus both come with a free six-month trial with all new Audis, after which you can stop using them, or pay for a subscription.

How do I get Audi connect?

  1. From your logged in myAudi Homepage, select “Audi connect plan”.
  2. Congratulations on the purchase of your 2017 Audi Q7 or Audi A4.
  3. NOTE: Please use the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.
  4. NOTE: When you get to step 5 “Verification”, please download and save the Key User Contract PDF to your device.