How do I align text and image inline?

How do I align text and image inline?

An element is an inline element (display value of inline-block ). It can be easily centered by adding the text-align: center; CSS property to the parent element that contains it. To center an image using text-align: center; you must place the inside of a block-level element such as a div .

How do you align inline elements vertically?

Aligning Inline Elements Vertically

  1. vertical-align:top — Align to the top of the line.
  2. vertical-align:text-top — Align to the top of text characters with accents such as á and Á.
  3. vertical-align:bottom — Align to the bottom of the line.

How do I vertically align an image in CSS?

Centering an Image Vertically

  1. Step 1: Define Position Absolute. Firstly, we change the positioning behavior of the image from static to absolute : div { height: 800px; position: relative; background: red; } img { width: 80%; position: absolute; }
  2. Step 2: Define Top & Left Properties.
  3. Step 3: Define the Transform Property.

How do I align text next to an image in CSS?

Place Text Next to Image in HTML

  1. Use the float CSS Property to Place the Text Next to an Image in HTML.
  2. Use display: inline-block and vertical-align: top to Place the Text Next to an Image in HTML.

How do I center inline block element vertically?

How to Vertically Center Inline (Inline-Block) Elements

  1. Solution with the CSS padding property.
  2. Solution with the CSS line-height and height properties.
  3. Solution with the CSS vertical-align property.
  4. Solution with the CSS Flexbox.
  5. Solution with the “ghost element” technique.

How do you vertically align an image?

How do you center align an image vertically in HTML?

Step 1: Wrap the image in a div element. Step 2: Set the display property to “flex,” which tells the browser that the div is the parent container and the image is a flex item. Step 3: Set the justify-content property to “center.” Step 4: Set the width of the image to a fixed length value.