Is HearthStone a good wood stove?

Is HearthStone a good wood stove?

Overall, Hearthstone wood stoves are a great investment. Since most stoves feature soapstone construction and utilize a secondary combustion or non-catalytic design, the stoves are easy to operate, require low maintenance and look beautiful in your home.

How long does a HearthStone wood stove last?

With the air control set to low, your stove will burn slowly and efficiently for up to 30 hours*. This long, slow, efficient burn means you’re getting the most heat out of each piece of wood.

Who owns HearthStone stoves?

“All of our cast iron comes from Spain — our parent company,” Kuhfahl said. HearthStone designed a system to get emissions down to 3.5 grams, well below the EPA standard.

How do you clean a soapstone stove?

Wipe the soapstone with a soft, dry cloth at least once each week to remove dust and dirt, advises TreeHozz. Grime or other residues can be cleaned as they occur with a cloth dampened with natural stone cleaner. Rinse the area with a clean, damp cloth once all stains are removed.

Can you cook on a soapstone wood stove?

Wood Stove Soapstone Tops They work great at retaining and radiating the heat directly off the top of your wood stove! You can cook on them too!

How long do soapstone stoves last?

CLASSIC Soapstone Warmth The Classic will burn for up to 12 hours on one load of wood and provide steady heat long after the fire has died down.

Where are HearthStone wood stoves manufactured?

Morrisville, Vermont
HearthStone, The Vermont Stove Company in Morrisville, Vermont.

Where are HearthStone gas stoves made?

HearthStone Wood Stoves and Gas Stoves The well-known HearthStone wood stoves, hand-crafted in Vermont since the 1970’s, blend the slow, steady heating characteristics of soapstone, with the beauty and strength of cast iron. Once the fire is established, these soapstone wood stoves emit a gentle, radiant warmth.