What is Runstats?

What is Runstats?

RUNSTATS is a DB2 utility that scans a table space or indexes to gather information about space utilization and index efficiency. The information gathered is stored in the DB2 system tables and used by the SQL optimizer to select the best access paths during the bind process.

What is Reorg and Runstats?

runstats is for collecting indexes and tables statistics information which to enable the DB2 optimizer to generate efficient access plan. reorgs is for reorganizing tables and indexes.

When should you reorg a table?

If you have another temporary table space, you can use it for sorts that accompany the table reorganization. However, the in-place table reorganization (online reorganization) does not rebuild the indexes. It is a good idea to issue a REORG INDEXES command after the completion of an in-place table reorganization.

How do I run Runstats?

Usage notes

  1. You should run the RUNSTATS command in the following cases:
  2. The options that you choose depend on the specific table and the application.
  3. After the command is run, note the following:
  4. The RUNSTATS command drops previously collected distribution statistics if you request table statistics.

What is load utility in Db2?

The LOAD utility loads records into the tables and builds or extends any indexes that are defined on them. If the table space already contains data, you can choose whether you want to add the new data to the existing data or replace the existing data.

What is output of Runstats utility?

The output from RUNSTATS consists of Db2 updates to any or all of the following tables, depending on whether RUNSTATS was executed for a table space, indexes, or both: SYSIBM. SYSCOLUMNS. SYSIBM.

What is table reorg in SAP?

Table reorg Online is one of Oracle feature that is very useful for you as Database Administrator to do reorg and avoid downtime during SAP System operation. In some cases you need to reorganize table online for several purposes such as: Reduce unused blocks in the tables. move one table to other tablaspace.

What is index in DB2?

Index is a set of pointers, which can refer to rows in a table, blocks in MDC or ITC tables, XML data in an XML storage object that are logically ordered by the values of one or more keys. It is created on DB2 table columns to speed up the data access for the queries, and to cluster and partition the data efficiently.

What is load utility in DB2?

What is a storage group in DB2?

DB2® storage groups are a set of volumes on disks that hold the data sets in which tables and indexes are stored. The description of a storage group names the group and identifies its volumes and the VSAM (Virtual Storage Access Method) catalog that records the data sets.