What was the torturous pit of Tartarus?

What was the torturous pit of Tartarus?

It is a deep, gloomy place, a pit, or an abyss used as a dungeon of torment and suffering that resides beneath the underworld. In the Gorgias, Plato (c. 400 BC) wrote that souls were judged after death and those who received punishment were sent to Tartarus.

Who was trapped in Tartarus?

Some of the inhabitants of Tartarus are Cyclopes, Kronos, some Titans like Prometheus, King Sisyphus, King Tantalus, Ixion, Danaides, giant Tityos, and King Salmoneus. Each of these prisoners is associated with atrocious acts that attracted varying levels of punishment in Tartarus.

What is Tartarus the god of?

TARTARUS (Tartaros) – Greek Primordial God of the Underworld Pit.

Who guarded Tartarus?

The Hecatonchires
The Hecatonchires became guards of Tartarus’ prisoners. Later, when Zeus overcame the monster Typhon, he threw him into “wide Tartarus”.

Did Kratos go to Tartarus?

In God of War: Chains of Olympus, Kratos was defeated by Charon, and subsequently thrown into Tartarus. As he attempted to make his way out of the depths, Kratos fought his way through hordes of enemies, came across the prison of the Tartarus, and obtained the Gauntlet of Zeus, which aided his escape.

Has anyone escaped Tartarus?

Percy and Annabeth, two demigods who have successfully escaped Tartarus. It is said that Tartarus is darker than Erebos, which is ironic given that Erebos is the embodiment of darkness and Tartarus’ brother (being himself a Protogenos).

Where is the bottomless pit in the Bible?

[1] And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.

Is Tartarus a real place?

Tartarus, the infernal regions of ancient Greek mythology. The name was originally used for the deepest region of the world, the lower of the two parts of the underworld, where the gods locked up their enemies. It gradually came to mean the entire underworld.

Where is Tartarus on earth?

TARTARUS THE COSMIC PIT : PRISON OF THE TITANS. The oldest of the Greek poets–Homer and Hesiod–represent Tartaros as the great cosmic pit beneath the earth. It is located “as far beneath the house of Haides as from earth the sky lies.” Homer, Iliad 8.

Who would win Odin or Zeus?

Odin wipes the floor with Thor every time they fight. So the fact that Thor was able to hold his own against Zeus speaks volumes, and I think is good enough evidence to say that between Odin and Zeus, Odin is more powerful than Zeus, perhaps even more than just “Slightly more powerful.” Thanks for the question, Aaron!