What does Hurrier stand for?

What does Hurrier stand for?

hurrier in British English 1. a person who hurries. The trouble is that if you are a natural hurrier and you tell yourself to slow down, you induce stress. 2. (formerly) a child employed in a coal mine to haul baskets or carts of coal from the coal face to the surface.

What is the difference between a collier and a miner?

Collier and coal miner are basically synonymous although collier might be taken to suggest a coal face worker in particular. I was born and brought up in the heart of the Yorkshire coal fields and worked in the industry for a few years.

What is the top of a pit called?

Bank – the top of the pit. Bank, benk, bink – Various terms for Coal face, where coal is extracted.

What is a ripper in a coal mine?

Rippers are men who remove the rock above the coal seam and set rings (arches) to raise the height of the gate or road as the coal face advances.

What is the job of a breaker boy?

Description. Breaker boys worked in the coal mines. Their main job was to separate chunks of coal by hand. As coal came down the conveyor belt, they would break up the coal into common sized pieces and also separate out any things like rocks, clay and soil.

What is the Hurier model of listening?

The HURIER method is a six-step process used as framework to build listening skills. The six letters in the HURIER process represent the six interlocked listening processes: hearing, understanding, remembering, interpreting, evaluating, and responding. This model is demonstrated in the figure below.

What occupation is a Collier?

Collier definition A person in the business or occupation of producing (digging or mining coal or making charcoal) or in its transporting or commerce.

What are the three pairs of a pit pair?

Pits are composed of three parts: the pit chamber, the pit aperture, and the pit membrane. The pit chamber is the hollow area where the secondary layers of the cell wall are absent.

What is the boss of a mine called?

Boss – Any member of the managerial ranks who is directly in charge of miners (e.g., “shift-boss,” “face-boss,” “fire-boss,” etc.).