What does Royal Mail OBA mean?

What does Royal Mail OBA mean?

Online Business Account
Billing and payment reporting Online Business Account (OBA) allows customers with a Royal Mail business account to manage and pay their bills for Royal Mail services online.

What is OBA posting location number?

The Posting Location Number in your OBA account is a ten digit long number that is used by Royal Mail to acknowledge your shipping location and it is needed when using Royal Mail with Shiptheory.

What is Royal Mail service code?

Note the service codes shown include the format code at the end, eg….Royal Mail Netdespatch Service Codes Print.

Royal Mail Service Code Service Namein Shiptheory
DE4 Business Parcel Zero Sort Priority
DE6 Business Parcel Zero Sort Economy
DG4 Business Mail Country Sort Priority
DG6 Business Mail Country Sort Economy

How do I get my Royal Mail Oba?

For steps on how to find this please see below….How to find your Royal Mail OBA account number

  1. First of all log into your Royal Mail OBA by visiting this URL: https://www.royalmail.com/business/services/sending/pay-for-mail/online-business-account.
  2. Once logged in click Access Online Business Account button.

What is an Oba?

: a ruler of any of several African peoples of western Nigeria —used as a form of address.

How do I find my Royal Mail account number?

If you are not sure what your Royal Mail account number is, or need to check which email you have on your OBA account, please contact the Royal Mail OBA helpdesk on 08457 950 950. You may have an account with Royal Mail setup already but without an OBA profile.

What is Royal Mail BPR?

Royal Mail BPL/BPR services are VAT exempt services for sending business letters or parcels 1st and 2nd Class. These services are available through Zenstores’ integration with Royal Mail.

What is Airn Royal Mail?

International Tracked & Signed on Account is a fully tracked service from posting to delivery overseas which requires a signature on delivery. Online delivery confirmation is provided. It is offered to international business customers at a discounted rate from our stamped retail rates.

What does non OBA mean?

Non-OBA Day means in respect of an IP a Day for which it is determined in accordance with the applicable IP OBA Provisions that IP Allocations for Shippers at the IP shall be based on pro-rata allocation of the Metered Quantity at the IP and each Day in respect of an IP at which IP OBA Provisions do not apply; Sample 1.

What is Oba compliance?

It means that ads that utilize behavioral targeting, remarketing technology or frequency capping must adhere to a few rules that let the consumer know how their data is being used.

What is Oba in text?

Meaning. OBA. On Base Average (or percentage; baseball statistic) showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 53 definitions)