What happens in the 8th episode of Attack on Titan?

What happens in the 8th episode of Attack on Titan?

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 starts off with the appearance of Reiner’s armoured titan. However, it was still weak to fight and Eren no longer has energy to continue fighting. Mikasa then pursuades Eren to go and ride the blimp as they prepare their escape from Marley.

How many AOT episodes are left?

MAPPA confirmed that Attack on Titan Season 4 Part would feature a total of 12 episodes. The twelfth and the final episode arrived on April 3rd, 2022, so you won’t be getting Episode 88 of the anime series tonight.

Is attack on Titans Cancelled?

UPDATE: Attack on Titan is coming back for a third — and presumably final — run of episodes in 2023 following the end of season four, part two. This announcement was made on April 3, 2022, the same day that Episode 87 aired worldwide.

Who dies in episode 8 season 4 AoT?

More than adapting the eponymous chapter with incredible respect to the content, the anime opened the flood gates for one of the most stirring discourses of the series and it is over the character responsible for the tragic death of Sasha Blouse, Gabi Braun.

Is episode 87 of AoT the last episode?

The ending to Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 was heartbreaking. Having come so far with Eren, viewers were treated to episode 87’s “The Dawn of Humanity”, a chapter that more or less confirmed that the one-time protagonist has passed the point of no return.

Is Eren’s mom a Titan?

However, all of her diligent life came to a tragic end the moment she turned into a Titan: as a Titan she left a deep, profound psychological scar on Grisha’s new family, slaughtering the very people she was once dedicated to saving, she died violently as a mortal enemy of her own people.

Who is the girl Sasha saved?

– Kaya
Sasha Blouse – Kaya was saved from a Titan by Sasha and took in by the Blouses after the destruction of her village and the death of her mother. Kaya looked up to Sasha, saying that her bravery is what inspired her to help Gabi and Falco despite them being enemies.

Who is hitch AOT?

Hitch Dreyse (ヒッチ・ドリス Hitchi Dorisu?) is a member of the Military Police Regiment stationed in Stohess District. She is a graduate of the 104th Cadet Corps, though she is not from the same division Eren Jaeger belonged to.

How old is Yelena AOT?

When is Eren Yeager’s birthday?

Character Age Birthday
Kenny Ackerman 40-45⁶ February 4th
Yelena N/A January 21st
Gabi Braun 12⁵ April 14th
Porco Galliard N/A⁵ November 11th