Why did 9MUSES disband?

Why did 9MUSES disband?

2018–2019: Disbandment and Remember On February 10, 2019, it was announced that the group had disbanded nine years after debuting due to the expiration of Sojin, Keumjo and Hyemi’s contracts and two of the members graduating.

Has 9MUSES disbanded?

2019Nine Muses / Active until

When did Kyungri join 9MUSES?

Kyungri first joined 9MUSES as a new member in 2012. After the group disbanded in February 2019, she went on to part ways with her longtime agency Star Empire in July of that year.

When did Sera leave 9MUSES?

Former 9MUSES member Ryu Sera has opened up about her past discomfort with the group’s sexy concepts. In a recent interview with The Korea Times, the idol-turned-YouTuber explained the circumstances surrounding her dismissal from the group in 2015.

What are 9MUSES fans called?

AKP STAFF. Star Empire Entertainment’s girl group Nine Muses has announced their official fan club name! The members themselves went through suggestions sent in by fans, and they’ve now decided on “MINE”. MINE was selected to represent the special relationship between Nine Muses and their fans.

Was Hyuna in nine Muses?

Moon Hyuna (문현아) is a solo artist and model under Daynite Records. On March 22, she made her solo debut with the digital single album “Cricket Song”. She was also a member of 9MUSES.

Where are 9MUSES now?

After the disbandment of 9MUSES, she first became a solo singer and model before retiring for good. Hyun A is now a singer and model under Daynite Records. On March 22, 2017, she made her solo debut with the digital single album “Cricket Song”. Lee Sem and Jaekyung are also currently singers and models.

Is Sera Ryu American?

Ryu Se-ra (Korean: 류세라, born October 3, 1987), also known by the mononym Sera (Korean: 세라), is a South Korean singer-songwriter signed under the self-founded agency OCTO.

Who is the leader of 9MUSES?


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Hyemi (혜미) Leader, Main Vocalist 2010–2019
Minha (민하) Vocalist, Visual 2010–2016
Sojin (소진) Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist 2015–2019
Keumjo (금조) Main Vocalist, Maknae 2015–2019

Does Hyuna have a kid?

Former 9MUSES Member Moon Hyuna Welcomes 1st Child To The World. Moon Hyuna is now a mom! On June 26, the former 9MUSES member shared photos and video clips via her Instagram stories, showing her newborn child Bandi. She shared when she announced her pregnancy in March that “Bandi” is from the Korean word for “firefly. …

How old is dawn Pentagon?

28 years (June 1, 1994)Dawn / Age

Who left 9MUSES?

Jaekyung facts: – She can play the flute. – In October, 2010, after “No playboy” (their debut song) promotions, Jaekyung withdrew from 9Muses to focus on her modeling career and was replaced by Hyuna.