How do you write a press release for music?

How do you write a press release for music?

How To Write an Artist Press Release in 2022

  1. Title for release and press photo. On the first page of your document, you need a heading describing what you’re trying to pitch.
  2. Capture statement, bio and history.
  3. Quote + closing statement.
  4. Release info – dates, locations, where to find music and socials links.
  5. Attachments.

How do you announce a music release?

  1. Find the story behind your new music and tell it.
  2. Have a new bio and press release written and ready to go.
  3. Compile a list of radio, blog, peer and press contacts.
  4. Update your website, mailing list and social media accounts.
  5. Match your music’s story with a visual one.

What makes a good music press release?

Grab their attention with the subject line. An exciting, interesting, irresistible subject line can be the difference between your email getting opened or ignored. Generally, Awesome Band Releases New Single is not a compelling subject line. But you can make it interesting by adapting your pitch.

What is music press?

In the music industry, a press release is a common tool used to bring an artist or business “free” publicity. Basically, a press release is a simple, neat-looking sheet that provides news to reporters, editors, and other media people.

How do you write a press release for an artist?

How to Write a Press Release for an Art Show: 7 Essential Things to Include

  1. A compelling headline.
  2. An information-rich summary.
  3. Relevant dateline information.
  4. An exciting introduction.
  5. Informative body copy.
  6. An original “about” section.
  7. Current contact information.

How do independent artists release music?

How to promote music in 2022

  1. Sign up to artists services.
  2. Build a website & mailing list.
  3. Develop an engaging social presence.
  4. Get playlisted.
  5. Get press & blog coverage.
  6. Music videos.
  7. Surround yourself with a strong team.
  8. Know your audience & focus on your niche.

How long should a press release be music?

Keep It Short & To The Point To write a music press release well, one page is ideal; two pages max if you’ve got a bit more to say. But don’t try to be over-descriptive and effusive in your release.

What is a radio press release?

An Audio News Release or ANR (sometimes called a Radio News Release or RNR), is a :30 or :60 second produced audio news or feature segment about your product, service, company or brand, that is distributed to radio stations, syndicated programs and networks.

How do artists get pressed?

10 Free Ways Artists Can Get Publicity

  1. Let’s get started:
  2. Social media.
  3. Get interviewed by the press.
  4. Use free press release sites.
  5. Get free business cards.
  6. Post your work online for free.
  7. Write a guest blog post.
  8. Attend free art events and do in-person networking.