What is a Cayenne 958?

What is a Cayenne 958?

PORSCHE Cayenne (958) 2015 – 2017 When it was introduced in 2002, the Cayenne featured a 3.2-liter V8, which was the access model in the new SUV range. It was available with a manual gearbox. For the second generation’s facelift, the Cayenne was a far better option.

What year is Cayenne 958?

Porsche Cayenne 958.1 (2011-2014) The second-generation Porsche Cayenne was introduced in 2011 and represented the next big step in the development of the Porsche SUV. The 958 range extended through 2018, with the two versions often designated as 958.1 and 958.2.

Can you get a Porsche Cayenne in a manual?

Yes, Porsche Really Made A Manual V8 Cayenne, And Here’s One You Can Buy. In 2021, premium performance cars with manual gearboxes are very rare. Mainstream supercars don’t bother with them at all, and there aren’t many stick-shift sports cars around either.

How many manual Cayennes were made?

Based on this information, only 134 of 15,700 Cayenne GTS units had the manual transmission and only 33 of those were made for the 2009 model year. That makes this black SUV extremely rare, but it is also extremely clean.

How much is a Porsche 958?

958 Cayenne Prices Around $45,000 is plenty enough for a Turbo S, and earlier Cayenne S models go for around $25,000.

What years did Porsche Cayenne have manual transmission?

For 2005, Porsche added a base model with a 247-hp 3.2-liter narrow-angle V-6, which was available with a manual transmission. For 2008, the Cayenne got a facelift and upgraded powertrains.

What years did cayenne come in manual?

Does Porsche still make manual cars?

Porsche Manual Transmission Models The following Porsche models are available with a manual transmission for added control on Matthews roads: 718 Cayman. 718 Cayman S. 718 Boxster.

What years did the Cayenne come with a manual transmission?

What years was the Porsche Cayenne a manual transmission?

Porsche introduced the manual transmission Cayenne with the base-model 955 3.2 L VR6 Porsche Cayenne in 2004. Porsche continued to offer a manual transmission on the base model 957 Cayenne in 2008 and expanded the option to include the new sporty 957 Porsche Cayenne GTS.

How many miles can a Porsche Cayenne last?

PORSCHES IN GENERAL: Service as required, drive responsibly and I see no mechanical problems at high (over 200,000) miles. Porsches were made to last and to be driven hard.