What is a force plate treadmill?

What is a force plate treadmill?

A six-axis AMTI force plate is located under each belt to record the ground reaction forces (Fx, Fy, Fz) and moments (Mx, My, MZ) generated by the subject. The force plates are an integral part of the treadmill design and each force plate entirely supports its own treadmill/drive motor assembly.

What does a force plate measure?

1 Force Plates. Force plates are mechanical sensing systems designed to measure the ground reaction forces and moments involved in human movements. A force plate relies on the use of load cells to determine forces. The load cells may contain piezoelectric elements, strain gauges, or beam load cells [21, 22].

Are force plates expensive?

Unfortunately, commercial force plate systems cost more than $20.000 which mean very expensive for universities and sports scientist in developing region like Papua.

How reliable are force plates?

87%–. 98%) of the derived parameters between test sessions was still demonstrated. This is an important finding because it suggests that CMPU force plate–derived kinetic data are reliable performance measure in elite, trained, and recreationally trained college populations.

Are force plates accurate?

Pressure plates can measure force, but only vertical force through the summation of all the sensors bearing weight. This leads them to have less accuracy, but still allows them to provide valid and usable data for some circumstances.

Which athletes use force plates?

In addition to athletics, the force plate has multiple uses in other sports. Skating, football, target shooting, but also volleyball, basketball and all sports in which there are stresses related to posture, jumping and levers.

How much does a Sparta force plate cost?

The Marines agreed to a five-year contract with Sparta this year to purchase an indefinite number of the force plate systems for approximately $64,000 each, according to contract documents.

What sports use force plates?