What is timer in LPC2148?

What is timer in LPC2148?

LPC2148 has two 32-bit timers/counters:Timer0/Counter0 & Timer1/Counter1. LPC2148 Timer has input of peripheral clock (PCLK) or an external clock. It counts the clock from either of these clock sources for its operation. LPC2148 Timer/Counter can generate an interrupt signal at specified time value.

What is need of prescaler explain the working of timer prescaler in LPC2148?

When it reaches its maximum value it gets reset to 0 and hence restarts counting. Prescale Register is used to define the resolution of the timer. If PR=0 then TC is incremented every 1 clock cycle of the peripheral clock. If PR=1 then TC is incremented every 2 clock cycles of peripheral clock and so on.

How many capture registers are there in LPC2148 for timer operation?

LPC2148 Timer Features A capture event may also optionally generate an interrupt. Four 32-bit match registers that allow: Continuous operation with optional interrupt generation on match.

How do I program my LPC2148?

Below are the steps for flashing the the ARM LPC2148:

  1. Select the LPC2148.
  2. Give the COM port number according to Device Manager (Mine was COM7)
  3. Give baud rate as 38400.
  4. Oscillator as 12 Mhz.
  5. Tick “Erase blocks used by firmware”
  6. Now select the hex file path.
  7. Tick verify after programming checkbox.
  8. And click START.

How many interrupt sources are there in LPC2148?

Out of the possible 32 interrupt requests, 16 interrupt requests can be defined as Vectored IRQ. In this 16 slots, any of the 22 interrupts that are available in LPC2148 can be assigned….Interrupt Related Registers in LPC2148.

Interrupt Source Source number In Decimal
I2C1 19
BOD 20
ADC1 21
USB 22

What is Pclk in LPC2148?

Basic PLL in LPC2148 ARM7. ARM7 LPC2148 Microcontroller needs two clocks; one is for its peripherals and other for its CPU. CPU works faster with higher frequencies whereas peripheral needs lower frequency to work with. The Peripheral Clock (PCLK) and CPU Clock (CCLK) gets clock input from a PLL or from external source …

How many external interrupt pins are there in LPC2148?

The Vectored Interrupt Controller (VIC) takes 32 interrupt request inputs and programmable assigns them into 3 categories, FIQ, vectored IRQ, and non-vectored IRQ. The ARM7 has two numbers of External Interrupts, connected with I/O Port lines (P0. 14 & P0. 15) as switches.

What is pinsel in LPC2148?

PINSEL Register It means that the pin can either act as an Input or Output with no specific functions. There is totally three PINSEL register in LPC2148 Controller in order to control the functions of the Pins in the respective ports.

What is RTC in LPC2148?

Real Time Clock (RTC) is used to store Time and Date in the system even when the system is not in operation. This is the system used in many devices including Laptop.

What are different source of interrupt in LPC2148?

Interrupt Related Registers in LPC2148

Interrupt Source Source number In Decimal
ADC0 18
I2C1 19
BOD 20
ADC1 21

How many FIQ can be configured in LPC2148 at a time?

We are given a set of 16 vectored IRQ slots to which we can assign any of the 22 requests that are available in LPC2148.

How many PLL are there in LPC2148?

two PLL modules
There are two PLL modules in the LPC2141/2/4/6/8 microcontroller. The PLL0 is used to generate the CCLK clock (system clock) while the PLL1 has to supply the clock for the USB at the fixed rate of 48 MHz.