What kind of gun is g1 Megatron?

What kind of gun is g1 Megatron?

Walther P-38 pistol
Released in the first year of the Transformers toyline, the original Megatron toy began life as the Microman figure “Gun Robo – P38”, which transforms into an accurate replica of a Walther P-38 pistol.

What model gun is Megatron?

Megatron is able to transform into a Walther P38, delivering more focused energy blasts than he could in his robotic form. He can adjust his size and mass as he transforms, to comfortably allow another Transformer or even a human being to wield him. His robot form has an arm-mounted fusion cannon.

What tank is Megatron?

Challenger 2 Megatron is a Challenger 2 Tank based at the British Army Bovington Camp in Dorset, UK.

What is Megatron’s weakness?

Megatron’s only weakness is his obsession with Optimus Prime, Last of the Primes. No matter how much power he attains, his final, glorious battle must be against him.

How old is G1 Starscream?

Starscream (G1)

Age Millions of years old
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Species Unknown

What does G1 Shockwave transform into?

Shockwave was one of the very first 1985 toys to see release, if not the first. Shockwave transforms into a large Cybertronian handgun, and features light and sound electronics powered by a 9-volt battery.

Why did Megatron start the war?

The Great War was the first and most violent outburst of fighting on the planet Cybertron, between the newly christened Autobots and Decepticons. It was started by Megatron’s initial drive to overthrow the caste system, although this noble goal was corrupted by his jealousy of Orion Pax’s ascension to Prime.

Is Optimus Prime strong?

Cybertronian strength: Optimus is shown to be strong compared to that of an average cybertronian. He was able to take down Shockwave with ease in the third movie. He is capable of lifting over 2,000 tons. Cybertronian speed: Optimus is shown to be a fast compared to that of an average cybertronian.