Who is the owner of Bank Asia?

Who is the owner of Bank Asia?

Mr. Arfan Ali
Bank Asia Limited is a private sector commercial bank in Bangladesh. Mr. Arfan Ali is the President and Managing Director of the bank….Bank Asia Limited.

Type Commercial bank
Industry Banking
Founded 27 November 1999
Headquarters Dhaka, Bangladesh
Key people (chairman) A Rouf Chowdhury (managing director) Md. Arfan Ali

What kind of bank is Bank Asia?

third generation public limited commercial bank
Bank Asia is a third generation public limited commercial bank.

Where is the head office of Bank Asia?

Dhaka, BangladeshBank Asia Limited / Headquarters

Is Bank Asia Islamic bank?

Bank Asia started its Islamic Banking operations in December 2008 and now operating five Islamic Banking Windows – 3 in Dhaka, 1 in Chittagong and 1 in Sylhet.

How can I open a bank account in Bank Asia?

For individual: Two copies of passport size recent photograph of account holder duly attested by the introducer. Photograph and signature of the nominee(s), if any, duly attested by the account holder. A/C Opening Form duly filled in. Specimen Signature Card duly signed in presence of the Manager or Authorized Officer.

How do I get a Bank Asia debit card?

Bank Asia provides this VISA Debit Card for their account holders. You can get the card easily from the branch where you opened your account. Just go to the branch, fill up the Application Form and submit it with a recent photograph. You will receive your card within 7-10 working days.

Is Bank Asia an international bank?

We have more than 600 million US Dollar Credit lines with overseas international reputed world class banks.

How can I check my balance in Bank Asia?

Getting your Account balance query is made easy with Bank Asia text banking service. Just send ACC { Code} {Source A/C} [ e mail] [ starting tran. date] [ ending trans. date] to 6969.

How do I get a bank Asia debit card?

How can I check my account balance in Bank Asia?

How much can withdraw from bank Asia ATM?

Transaction Limit:

ATM BDT 50,000 / Day.
BDT 20,000 / Transaction.
7 Times / Day.
POS BDT 3, 00,000 / Day.
BDT 50,000/ Transaction.