How do you pull a submodules in Sourcetree?

How do you pull a submodules in Sourcetree?

In short, on the main repository,

  1. choose the submodules dropdown.
  2. double click the submodule you want to update – you will switch focus to the submodule.
  3. pull (latest) or checkout (specific commit) the required update.
  4. go back to the tab for the main repository.

How do I pull all submodules?

Once you have set up the submodules you can update the repository with fetch/pull like you would normally do. To pull everything including the submodules, use the –recurse-submodules and the –remote parameter in the git pull command .

What does git pull — recurse submodules do?

If you pass –recurse-submodules to the git clone command, it will automatically initialize and update each submodule in the repository, including nested submodules if any of the submodules in the repository have submodules themselves.

How do you clone a submodule?

The git submodule init and update commands are needed to pull down submodule artifacts and resources….The list of steps required to clone a Git repository with submodules is:

  1. Issue a git clone command on the parent repository.
  2. Issue a git submodule init command.
  3. Issue a git submodule update command.

How do I add a submodule?

In order to add a Git submodule, use the “git submodule add” command and specify the URL of the Git remote repository to be included as a submodule. When adding a Git submodule, your submodule will be staged. As a consequence, you will need to commit your submodule by using the “git commit” command.

What is submodule in git?

A git submodule is a record within a host git repository that points to a specific commit in another external repository. Submodules are very static and only track specific commits. Submodules do not track git refs or branches and are not automatically updated when the host repository is updated.

What is recursive clone?

git clone(1) –recursive. Clone a repository into a new directory. –recursive, –recurse-submodules After the clone is created, initialize all submodules within, using their default settings. This is equivalent to running git submodule update –init –recursive immediately after the clone is finished.

How do you pull a subtree?

Adding a subtree Specify the prefix local directory into which you want to pull the subtree. Specify the remote repository URL [of the subtree being pulled in] Specify the remote branch [of the subtree being pulled in] Specify you want to squash all the remote repository’s [the subtree’s] logs.

Is git submodule a good idea?

Git submodules may look powerful or cool upfront, but for all the reasons above it is a bad idea to share code using submodules, especially when the code changes frequently. It will be much worse when you have more and more developers working on the same repos.