What oil goes in a Harley transmission?

What oil goes in a Harley transmission?

For the record, AMSOIL recommends AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil in the engine, transmission and primary chaincase on most Harleys (consult our Motorcycle Product Guide for specific recommendations).

What kind of transmission fluid does a Harley Davidson Sportster take?

The manufacturer recommends using 20w50 oil. Make sure that the oil you use is approved for wet clutches. Many automotive oils are not, so we recommend purchasing an oil that specifically states it’s formulated for use in motorcycle transmissions.

What kind of oil does a Harley Sportster 883 take?

For Sportster 883cc and 1200cc motorcycles, the AMSOIL Synthetic 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil is recommended for both the engine and transmission. Older Shovelheads, Panheads and Flatheads the recommendation is to use AMSOIL SAE 60 Synthetic oil for optimum performance and protection.

How do you check the transmission fluid on a 883 Sportster?

Look through the derby cover port, located under the primary housing you just pulled off. Take note of the transmission fluid level. It should be level with the bottom of the clutch assembly. Add transmission fluid if the level is below this.

What oil goes in a Sportster primary?

My wife’s Sportster Forty-Eight calls for 20W-50 and that’s what I use for the engine and primary/transmission. My oil of choice is Amsoil and the others are great too . . . it comes down to personal preference.

How much oil does a Sportster 883 take?

three quarts
Sportsters require a little over three quarts of 20w50 oil.

Do you check Harley transmission fluid on kickstand?

The transmission oil is checked with the motorcycle on a level surface and on the kickstand. Wipe off the dipstick/fill plug and thread it into the transmission case until the O-ring lightly contacts the case, but do not tighten.

What weight is Harley gear oil?

This dual viscosity (SAE 80W-140), heavy weight gear & primary oil was developed with proprietary additives and pure synthetic base stock so it flows better at cold start-up then in high temperatures viscosity behaves like a 140 weight oil to provide maximum protection.