Does anyone live on the Cook Islands?

Does anyone live on the Cook Islands?

The Cook Islands population is about 17,791. The capital city is Avarua, on Rarotonga. Cook Islands Māori and its dialectic variants are closely related to both Tahitian and to New Zealand Māori.

Are the Cook Islands a good place to live?

There is no doubt Cook Islands is a great place to do business, combining the need to earn a living with a tropical lifestyle outside of the busy modern existence in which most people live. BTIB provide ‘official’ information about what is required to start, buy, or invest in a business in the Cook Islands.

Where do the majority of Cook Island live?

New Zealand
Today more than twice as many persons of Cook Islands ancestry live in New Zealand than in the islands themselves. More than nine-tenths of the Cook Islands’ population is native-born. The main nonindigenous population is of European origin by way of New Zealand.

What is it like living in Cook Islands?

The Cook Islands enjoys a warm and pleasant, sunny climate all year round! The year is not divided into four seasons; rather the drier months are from April to November with an average temperature of 26°C.

Is Cook Island a poor country?

After a major crisis in the 1990s, the Cook Islands are now considered the most prosperous country in the island region. In 2012, its growth rate was 3.4% given that GDP per capita in 2009 was 11 544 euros. Its Human Development Index of 0.789 in 2002 is about the 55th place worldwide.

Can I live and work in Cook Islands?

Persons wishing to live and work in the Cook Islands require an entry permit with permission to work. To obtain an entry permit with work rights, they must be sponsored by a person or organisation in the Cook Islands agreeing to employ them.

What language do Cook Islanders speak?

Pukapukan languageEnglish
Cook Islands/Official languages

Are Cook Islands expensive?

Like most Pacific islands, the Cook Islands aren’t the cheapest place to visit — but they are a lot cheaper than other destinations in the region.

What is the minimum wage in the Cook Islands?

NZ$ 8.00 per hour
Minimum wages have been revised in the Cook Islands, with effect from 01 March. The national minimum wage has increased from NZ& 7.60 to NZ$ 8.00 per hour.

What is Cook Island language?

Can I retire in the Cook Islands?

It is possible and many expats live here or have a business. No one can own land on the island as it is all family land and what you do is lease a property. The lease time frame these days is 60 years.