How much is a Fazioli piano worth?

How much is a Fazioli piano worth?

Fazioli Piano Prices For the highest quality, one might ask how much does a Fazioli piano cost? The traditional six models of satin and polished ebony grand pianos range from $128,000 to $234,000, which is very much in line with the bestGerman and Austrian piano manufacturers.

What is the smallest Fazioli piano?

The smallest model of the FAZIOLI collection. Despite its small size, this piano has a remarkably powerful and clear sound.

Are Fazioli pianos good?

Fazioli pianos are amazingly consistent throughout, and it’s easy for a pianist to anticipate what it will do. In general, it’s very easy to play this piano because of how uniform the action is. The tone of the pianos are also very consistent but may be bright or brittle to some.

How many Fazioli pianos are made each year?

Fazioli builds only grands, about 150 per year, in six sizes from 5′ 2″ to 10′ 2″, the last one of the largest pianos in the world, with the further distinction of having four pedals. Three are the usual sustain, sostenuto, and una corda.

Who owns a Fazioli piano?

Paolo Fazioli
The company was founded by engineer and pianist Paolo Fazioli in 1981. The craftsmen at Fazioli build 140 pianos a year….Fazioli.

Type Joint-stock company
Founder Paolo Fazioli
Headquarters Sacile, Italy
Key people Paolo Fazioli
Products Grand Pianos, Concert Grand Pianos

What is the world’s most expensive piano?

$1.63 million. Behold the splendor of crystal-clear transparency and melody, the Crystal Piano by Crystal Music Company (Netherlands). This seductive work of art holds the title of the most expensive piano to date, at the cool price of $3.22 million.

Who plays Fazioli piano?

In a relatively short time, Fazioli has attracted many world class concert pianists, who now request to perform on these illustrious instruments at their concerts and recitals. These artists include Angela Hewitt, Louis Lortie, Nikolai Demidenko and Herbie Hancock.

What is the most expensive Fazioli piano?

Fazioli Brunei ($400,000.00) The most expensive piano being made at this time in the world is the Fazioli Brunei. It has a sequoia burr case which is designed with blossoms made of mother of pearl and semi-valuable stones in numerous hues. This piano retails at around $400,000.

What wood does Fazioli use?

Fazioli uses a dozen different types of wood in a single piano, including African mahogany for the rim, but it’s that Italian red spruce used for the “soundboard” that’s key to giving this instrument its voice.

Who plays a Fazioli piano?

What is considered the best piano in the world?

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