What is BMW Multi-Contour Seats?

What is BMW Multi-Contour Seats?

Multi-Contour seats The optional comfort seats are ergonomically designed and electronically 20-way adjustable. From the comfort headrests (outer contact surface adjustable) and the adjustable upper backrest segment, to the adjustable backrest width and lumbar support, comfort seats offer customizable luxury.

What are Mercedes Multi-Contour Seats?

The Multicontour Seat Package adjusts the seat with more or less air in the seat side bolsters like a tailor-made suit. When you adjust the backrest bolsters so that they fit you firmly, this improves lateral support for sporty driving manoeuvres.

What are Multi-Contour Seats with Active Motion?

Multicontour Seats with Active MotionĀ® allow you to activate your vehicle’s driver and front passenger seats to provide a rolling-pattern lumbar massage or a gentle lower seat cushion massage.

What is included in premium package on a BMW?

The Premium Package delivers comfort, along with some added heating elements, navigational assistance, and more. You have the ability to fine-tune the package to include the features you’re looking for. Heated front seats are a standard part of this package.

Do Mercedes have massage seats?

You can expect massage seating to come standard for newer 2020-2022 C-Class Mercedes vehicles. The company began including front driver and passenger massage seats in the C-Class as a standard option in 2020 and shows no sign of discontinuing it for new releases.

Does Mercedes E class have massage seats?

No, Mercedes-Benz E-Class doesn’t come with massage seats, this feature come with more expensive Mercedes-Benz S-Class cars.

Can you add massage seats to Mercedes?

Yes! You can certainly add massage seats to your Mercedes if you’d like. As we covered earlier, Mercedes does offer a comfort package for vehicles that don’t include massaging seats as a standard option.

Can I get the multi-contour front seats with active motion on expedition?

Most of the top-level trims on the Expedition also get the multicontour front seats with Active Motion.