Who is the most efficient scorer in NBA history?

Who is the most efficient scorer in NBA history?


Rank Player PER
1. Michael Jordan* 27.91
2. LeBron James 27.34
3. Nikola Jokić 27.09
4. Anthony Davis 26.89

How many players have dropped 60+ in a NBA game?

Hitting 60 or higher has only been accomplished by 32 players in the NBA.

What is the most 3-pointers made in a NBA game?

13 triples
On Nov. 7, 2016, Curry set the then-NBA record for most 3-pointers in a single game as he splashed 13 triples in 17 tries against the New Orleans Pelicans — just three days removed from shooting 0-for-10 from deep against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Who has the best true shooting percentage?

Rudy Gobert

Rank Player TS%
1. Rudy Gobert .6708
2. DeAndre Jordan .6431
3. Cedric Maxwell .6294
4. Tyson Chandler .6257

How many players scored 70 points?

six players
A 70-point game is a rarity. Only six players in the history of the league have scored 70 points or more, with Wilt Chamberlain accounting for six of the 11 total scoring outbursts. Not all 70-point games are created equally, of course.

Has LeBron ever scored 0 points?

In a game on December 29th, 2004, against the Houston Rockets, LeBron had his lowest scoring output of his now 16 years career……Lowest Scoring Games.

Date 2003-11-28
Opponent Detroit
Rebs. 2
Asst. 7

Where is LeBron James on the all-time scoring list?

LeBron James now 2nd on NBA’s all-time scoring list | wkyc.com.

Did Michael Jordan play against Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played in 8 games versus Michael Jordan in his career.