Why is the Otavalo market unique?

Why is the Otavalo market unique?

Otavalo is best known for its textiles and weaving, and it seems like the market is covered with blankets, tablecloths, and wall hanging on display come Saturday market days. The OtavaleƱo indigenous people have been known for their weaving since pre-Inca times, and this is part of how the market got its start.

Why is the Otavalo market important?

The Otavalo market is attractive to visitors for both its outstanding shopping and its cultural significance. Local people use market day much the way their ancestors did during Ecuador’s pre-Colombian history.

Why do people visit Otavalo?

Not only are Otavalo market days incredible, but Otavalo Ecuador itself and the surrounding countryside are truly picturesque. Think soaring volcanoes and mountains, expansive lakes, and much more. There are plenty of things to do in Otavalo for visitors beyond just visiting the market.

Is Otavalo market in Quito?

It is located in the Imbabura province in the Otavalo district. This town is only two hours from Quito, approximately 90km (56 miles) away, so if you are looking to go from Quito, you can go there on a day trip.

What might you find at the Otavalo market?

At Otavalo you can find jumpers, ponchos and colorful rugs made from dyed alpaca wool. Alpacas are shorn once a year, and the wool is then spun into yarn before it is washed and dyed. Some items such as the rugs are still woven by hand, while other such as the items of clothing are now made in factories.

How big is the Otavalo market?

Time your trip to Otavalo Ecuador for the weekend, as on Saturdays this small urban center of 50,000 transforms into the largest craft market in all of South America.

What are Otavalo textiles?

On any given morning in the Ecuadorian town of Otavalo, Plaza de los Ponchos is a rainbow of textiles. Blankets, wall hangings, handbags, table runners, alpaca-wool sweaters and scarves beam as brightly as the equatorial sun, lighting up the largest and finest craft market in South America.

What can you buy in an indigenous market?

Scarves, hats, sweaters, and other textiles, as well as jewelry and other handicrafts, are for sale at nearly every stall. Plus, there are several food stands where fresh juice, fish, sandwiches, and other local dishes are sold. Read our Heart of the Andes Tour, which includes an Otavalo Market tour.

Where is Mercado de Otavalo?

Imbabura Province of Ecuador
Located in Imbabura Province of Ecuador, the Otavalo Market is home to the indigenous OtavaleƱo people, famous for weaving textiles of wool and selling them in the market, known to locals as the Plaza de los Ponchos.