How do I get Outlook to show all mail?

How do I get Outlook to show all mail?

Use Conversation view

  1. From any mail folder, such as your inbox, select View > Show as Conversations to toggle Conversation view on or off.
  2. Select All mailboxes or This folder.

Why can’t I see all the emails in my Outlook Inbox?

If you find that all emails do not show in your Outlook inbox, it may be that you have the “focused” inbox feature enabled. With focused inbox enabled, all emails do not show in your main inbox, only those deemed to be most important by Outlook. Everything else sits under the “other” tab.

Is there an All mail folder in Outlook?

This folder is a combined inbox of all your email accounts, and out-of-the-box, it doesn’t exist in Outlook. Instead, you’ll have to click from inbox to inbox to check all your mail. Luckily, like most things in Outlook, adding a universal inbox is a simple fix.

Why can’t I see all my emails?

If you cannot see any emails at all in a folder, check that you have not maximized the message preview (so the message list pane is hidden). To do this, click View ▸ Preview ▸ Show Message Preview. Look in the Junk folder.

Why is my Inbox not showing all my emails?

Your mail can go missing from your inbox because of filters or forwarding, or because of POP and IMAP settings in your other mail systems. Your mail server or email systems could also be downloading and saving local copies of your messages and deleting them from Gmail.

How do I see all emails?

Why does “All Mail” not show up at the left of my Gmail screen?

  1. In your browser, sign in to your Google/Gmail account.
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner and select Settings:
  3. Click the Labels tab, and under System label find All Mail and click “show”:

How do I see more than 12 months of emails in Outlook?

How to Fix This Issue. You can go to Outlook > Backstage (File) tab > Account Settings > Account Settings > click an account > Change button to find the slider that lets you adjust the setting tfrom 12 months to All.

How do I show emails older than 12 months?

To temporarily view messages older than 12 months you can scroll to the end of an email list in a folder and click ‘Click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange’ or ‘More’. To change your view permanently you can change the setting in account settings.

Why is my Outlook not showing old emails?

Why can’t I see older emails in Outlook?

To do this, go to Settings by clicking the Gear icon on the upper-right > Select View all Outlook settings > On the left panel, choose Mail, then go to Rules and Sweep. Check if there any rules set up about deleting of emails. Also, you may try to check if your emails have been deleted.

How do I view Outlook emails older than 30 days?

Also let us know if you can view emails older than 30 days….Replies (1) 

  1. Open Mail App and click on the Settings icon.
  2. Now, click on Manage Account and then select your account.
  3. Click on Change Mailbox Sync Settings.
  4. Click on the drop down menu under Download Email from and select anytime.

How do I display more than 12 months in Outlook?

Why can I only see 12 months of emails in Outlook?

By default, if Cached Exchange Mode is enabled, you will only be able to view messages from the last 12 months. This keeps the Outlook file smaller which allows you to browse your email faster.

How do I show more than 12 months in Outlook?

How do I view emails older than 12 months?

Outlook only displaying emails newer than 12 months: How to fix

  1. Sign into Outlook using your credentials.
  2. Click on ‘File’
  3. Click on ‘Account Settings’
  4. From the drop down list, select ‘Account Name & Sync Settings’
  5. If the slider is set at ‘1 year’, then drag it to however long of a duration you would like.
  6. Click ‘Next’