What kind of lenses are used for cataracts?

What kind of lenses are used for cataracts?

The most common type of lens used with cataract surgery is a monofocal IOL. It is called monofocal because it has one focusing distance. It is set to focus for close work, medium range or distance vision – chosen depending on your visual needs.

What is the new lens for cataract surgery?

A new intraocular lens for cataract surgery, called the Symfony Lens, has just been FDA approved, and it is quickly becoming very popular.

What is the cost of cataract lens?

Cost of cataract surgery ranges from Rs. 7500 to Rs. 1.15 lakh per eye depending upon technique and lens used to perform surgery. Please consult our experts to get your eye checkup done and understand what will be best for you.

How long do cataract lenses last?

A cataract lens will last a lifetime, and the vast majority of patients do not experience any complications with their lenses after cataract surgery. In fact, the most common post-cataract surgery issue has nothing to do with your lens in particular.

Which lens is better monofocal or multifocal?

Whilst monofocal lenses provide focus at one distance only, multifocal lenses allow for vision at a range of distances, meaning they can correct both near, intermediate and far distance. These are a more popular option for those who want to also eliminate their dependency for glasses.

How long does cataract lens last?

How painful is cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery is not painful. While patients are awake during surgery, there is little or no discomfort involved. A mild sedative may be administered before the surgery, which calms the nerves, and eye drops are used to numb the eye.

What type of lens does Medicare cover for cataract surgery?

Medicare covers standard cataract surgery for people who are 65 or older. Original Medicare will even pay for corrective lenses if you have surgery to implant an IOL. Under your Medicare Part B benefits, Medicare will pay for one pair of prescription eyeglasses with standard frames or a set of contact lenses.

What is a premium cataract lens?

What Are Premium Cataract Lenses? Premium cataract lenses are an upgrade from the monofocal lens that provides high-quality vision at only one focal point. However, you don’t live your life on one focal point! The premium lenses are the cherry on top of the FDA-approved laser-assisted cataract surgery we offer.

Can cataracts grow back after being removed?

Because cataract surgery completely removes your natural lens, it is actually impossible for cataracts to grow back after surgery. However, you should be aware of a condition known as “secondary cataract” or “after-cataract” that affects up to 50% of patients following cataract removal.