Can I plant flowers next to hostas?

Can I plant flowers next to hostas?

Astilbe, ferns, geraniums, and shady-friendly bulbs are great companions for hostas. Two of our favorites: bleeding hearts and heuchera. Bleeding heart (dicentra) plants provide delicate flowers and elegant, arching branches — the perfect contrast to bold, shiny, or variegated hosta plants.

How many hostas can you plant together?

Plant each small hosta approximately 28 inches (70 cm) apart. Plant each medium hosta approximately 40 inches (1 m) apart. Plant each large hosta approximately 60 inches (150 cm) apart. Plant each Giant hosta approximately 80 inches (2 m) apart.

How do you arrange hostas in a flower bed?

Ideally, if two hostas are close together, one should complement the other. A simple design trick is to use a solid-colored hosta to echo a color in a variegated one. For instance, you might place a gold hosta next to a gold-variegated hosta or a green hosta next to a green-and-white-variegated hosta.

Where do hostas like to be planted?

To plant hostas, select a spot that receives partial to full shade. Most types of hostas can withstand morning sun but prefer a shady setting. It’s important to know that these perennials grow best in soil that’s fertile and full of organic matter.

Can you plant lavender and hostas together?

Its flowers and foliage may look great with your lavender too. However, the pair sadly can’t grow together, even though it seems like they should. Hosta’s survive best in shade or dappled light – full sun is a definite no-go.

Can hostas take full sun?

Hosta varieties with extensive white coloration or with thin leaves are likely to burn in full sun. In general, blue-leaf hostas require shade, while those with fragrant flowers, gold or yellow foliage or slight white variegation can tolerate more sun.

Do hostas spread out?

Versatile and easy to grow, most hosta varieties spread readily once they are established. They grow from rhizomes that spread just below soil level, and healthy clumps of hostas can be divided into smaller clumps every few years to share with friends, family and neighbors.

How quickly do hostas spread?

How Fast Do Hostas Spread? This depends on the species. Fast growers may produce 20 offshoots a year. Slow growers may only produce 4 new plants every year.

How do I put hostas in my garden?

Most do best with 3 to 6 hours of morning sun. The brighter chartreuse and gold cultivars tolerate more sun. Mostly white hostas usually don’t fare well in shade because they lack the chlorophyll required to make food. Afternoon sun, especially in the South, will stress plants and fade leaves.

Can you plant hostas and lavender together?

Do hostas spread?

Small varieties spread three times as wide as they are tall. Medium-size varieties spread twice their height, and the larger varieties are at least as wide as they are tall. Hostas are disease-resistant, but their succulent leaves are no match for slugs and snails.

How often should I water hostas?

Newly planted hostas will need daily watering for the first two weeks. Once established, small or medium plants will need a good soak once a week. Hostas are drought tolerant, yet like moist well drained soil. If the weather is hotter, increase the watering to three times per week.