How big is a California condor egg?

How big is a California condor egg?

about 4.5 inches long
How big are their eggs? California Condor eggs are about 4.5 inches long and almost 3 inches wide, weighing about 11 ounces.

What is the size of a California condor?

With a nine-foot plus wingspan, the birds can stay aloft for hours, floating up to 15,000 feet on warm air thermals. This is North America’s largest flying bird, weighing over 20 pounds.

Are condor eggs rare?

174 this year, a rare occurrence known as a double clutch. “It’s very exciting,” said Kelli Walker, who oversees the zoo’s condor recovery efforts. “Condors typically lay only one egg a year, and with only about 500 of these endangered birds in the world, every egg counts.”

How big is a condor’s egg?

A female condor lays a bluish-white egg between January and April, every alternate year. The egg is about 90-120 mm (3.5-4.7 in) long and approximately 67 mm (2.63 in) thick, with a weight of about 280 grams. It hatches after an incubation period of 53-60 days.

How big is a condor nest?

about 5 feet
The nest area is about 5 feet in diameter and is situated 60 feet above the ground. Due to the massive size of the tree, scientists believe it could be over 1000 years old! The condor mother will typically lay her eggs in February or March. Both the male and female condor will incubate the eggs for about two months.

What’s bigger condor or eagle?

Larger than a Bald Eagle; this is the largest bird in North America.

Which is bigger condor or albatross?

This bird has a 11-foot (3.4 meter) wingspan, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica (opens in new tab) — even bigger than the famous California condor — and it uses those massive flappers to travel thousands of miles in a single journey.

What is a condor egg?

Condor’s Egg is usually located on a cliff, some sort of an edge, top or a hill. You can also see a Condor flying above it sometimes. You don’t need to use binoculars because you can see collectibles just as far with eagle eye.

Can an unfertilized bird egg hatch?

No condor-dudes required. These are the first documented instances of asexual reproduction in the endangered birds.

Which is bigger condor or eagle?