How old is Summernats?

How old is Summernats?

Lopez expected to have about 2,000 cars participate in the Summernats, which would attract about 80,000 people from all over Australia in the four days. The Summernats started in 1988 and later became an annual event held at the start of the year.

How much money does Summernats make?

Summernats, which is usually held at the start of the year, is the best known specialist car enthusiast festival in Australia, and an event which attracts many tourists to Canberra, bringing in excess of $20 million in economic benefit to the ACT economy.

Is Summernats 2022 still on?

Summernats will return to Canberra from 6 to 9 January 2022 with car enthusiasts and amateur fans revved up to attend the festival after a 2-year break. Summernats will take place at Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC) with fringe events taking place in Braddon, providing a boost for the local economy.

Who started the Summernats?

founder Chic Henry
Event founder Chic Henry ran the Summernats festival for 25 years. Before Summernats was a thing, Chic Henry was a car-enthusiast and the director of the Australian Street Machines Federation.

Where is Summernats located?

EPIC BudawangSummernats / Event location

When was Summernats 28?

More than 100 cars have set a new world record at Summernats 28 (2015) for the most number of burnouts performed simultaneously.

Who owns Summernats?

Andy Lopez
In September 2021, Andy Lopez – co-owner and managing director of Summernats – was itching to get Australia’s biggest car festival back on the road for 2022 after a COVID-cancelled year.

Where is Summernats 2023 held?

Summernats returns in 2023! Calling all of Canberra’s classic and street car enthusiasts! Australia’s favourite horsepower party, the Street Machine Summernats, proudly supported by Rare Spares, will return in its full glory at Exhibition Park, Canberra on January 5 to 8, 2023.

Who won Summernats 2022?

Jason Mansweto takes out Grand Champion and the Summernats Grandstand is renamed in honour of Chic Henry. Jason Mansweto has taken out the Street Machine Summernats 34 Grand Champion title in a hard-fought contest this morning in Canberra.

Are Summernats still on?

“Summernats has made the difficult decision to re-schedule Summernats 34 to January 2022,” Summernats managing director Andy Lopez said. “ACT Health is using Exhibition Park as a COVID-19 testing facility until the end of November and can’t confirm we’ll have our venue back, which is an unmanageable risk to our event.

Can you drink at Summernats?

Anyone aged 16 and under planning to camp, must be accompanied by a responsible camping adult at all times. No alcohol, illicit drugs glass, animals, fireworks, weapons, pools and spas, drones, motorcycles, motorised scooters or eskies, skateboards or any unauthorised vehicles are to be brought into the event site.

Where is Summernats Australia?