What is a vinyl dubplate?

What is a vinyl dubplate?

A dubplate is an acetate disc usually of 10 inches diameter, traditionally used by studios to test recordings prior to mastering for the subsequent pressing of a vinyl record, but pioneered by reggae sound systems as a way to play exclusive music.

What is the difference between dubplate and vinyl?

A dub plate is a one-off record. A dub is different to a regular vinyl record because instead of being pressed using a stamper, its cut real-time on a lathe. The lathe spins a blank disc, and the cutting head plays the audio and scores the groove in a spiral across the dub.

What is dubplate cutting?

What is a Vinyl Dubplate? We cut your music onto real vinyl dubplate (PVC, not acetate), at the same quality, volume and lifespan of a regular pressed records!

What is a dubplate made of?

A Dub Plate is a special pressing of a phonograph record used by DJs to play an exclusive mix or pre-release track. In the recording industry’s past, these were called “acetates” and were used to make test pressings of records. They’re made by spraying a metal disc with acetate, then cutting it with a lathe.

How much does a dubplate cost?

US$7,000 to US$10,000 for 10 dubplates – Prices weighing heavily on sound system business. There is not a hard and fast price scale for an artiste to voice a dubplate for a sound system or selector.

How long do dub plates last?

A dubplate will last as long as you treat it carefully. It can range from 5-500 plays.

How long does it take to cut a record?

The edge of this record is then spun against a knife, cutting away the ragged edge. The whole process of pressing and trimming the record takes under 30 seconds.

What is a dubplate DNB?

A dubplate is an acetate disc – usually 10 inches in diameter – used in mastering studios for quality control and test recordings before proceeding with the final master, and subsequent pressing of the record to be mass-produced on vinyl.

How do you buy Dubplates?

Acetate dubplates are the ultimate analogue luxury….

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What is a dub vinyl?

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