What is multiplying factor in electrical?

What is multiplying factor in electrical?

Multiplication Factor = (External CT Ratio x External PT Ratio) / (Meter CT Ratio x Meter PT Ratio) You can find the meter CT and PT ratio in the manufacturer manual. Usually both the ratios are 1.

How do you calculate energy meter multiplication factor?

  1. Normally for voltage, it would be 33000/110 = 300.
  2. Then must do same for the CT’s ie 200:5 = 40.
  3. Then scaling ratio or multiplying factor = VTratio * CT ratio = 300*40 = 12000.
  4. Many utilities leave the scaling within the meter at 1:1 and use the scaling factors in the billing system.

How is CT PT ratio calculated?

PT’s and CT’s step down the line currents and voltage to much safer levels. To connect to these circuits, we need to know the step-down ratio. Voltage is a simple division answer, simply divide a 1:1 PT ratio value into the known line voltage; For example; 4160 / 120 = 34.66 or 35:1.

What is MF in meter reading?

M.F is for Multiplying Factor. It is the factor that is used to multiply the reading of the energy meter to get the actual energy consumption. If the M.F is 10, and the energy meter reading difference (the difference is used because energy meter reading is cumulative) is 45 for a period.

Why do we use multiplication factor?

Answer: Multiplication factor of wattmeter is that parameter of virtue that helps us in finding a small scale wattmeter to get the power readings up to multiplication factor times that are multiplied to the smallest scale possible. It is also used in resistive current where its power factor range is from 0.5- 1.

How is CT MVA ratio calculated?

To calculate the CT ratio, simply divide the primary transformer current by the secondary transformer current.

What is multiplication factor in Dewa bill?

29- Multiplication Factor (MF) for Electricity Meter which is multiplied with difference of current & previous meter reading to calculate current period Electricity consumption.

How do you calculate CT size?

Consider a CT with the following specification and protection requirements:

  1. CT: 600/1 5P20 15 VA, Rct = 4 Ω
  2. CT Leads: 6 mm2, 50 m long. – use R=2 ρ l /a to calculate = 0.0179 Ω/m.
  3. Relay: Siemens 7SJ45, Ktd = 1.
  4. Short circuit current, Iscc max = 30 kA.

What is meter multiplier?

Meter Multiplier. For electric meters, this is the ratio of the customer’s total load to the amount of the load flowing through the meter. Residential, farm and small commercial meters usually have a multiplier of one. That means all of the electricity used flows through the meter.

What is the formula of finding multiplication?

The multiplication formula is expressed as, Multiplicand × Multiplier = Product; where: Multiplicand: The first number (factor). Multiplier: The second number (factor). Product: The final result after multiplying the multiplicand and multiplier.

How is electricity bill consumption calculated?

How To Calculate Your Electricity Bill. Electric Bill Calculator with Examples

  1. Example:
  2. Total Consumed Units = 720.
  3. E = P x t … ( Wh)
  4. E = P x t ÷ 1000 … ( kWh)
  5. Consumed Energy = Energy Used in Watts x Time in Hours.
  6. E = P x t … ( Wh)
  7. E = P x t ÷ 1000 … ( kWh)
  8. Energy Cost = Energy Used in kWh x Time in Hours.