Where are zone dampers located?

Where are zone dampers located?

Dampers are almost always within 2-6 feet of the main trunk. You may only have different style handles, the dampers might be located right off the main trunk or a few feet away, or they might even be rectangular, but you should see something like the image above, cobwebs and all.

What is a zoning damper?

A zone damper system is a solution that uses your existing HVAC system and turns into multiple zones that can control selected areas of your house more precisely.

Is zoned HVAC worth it?

Zoning can be useful in almost any situation, but it’s especially helpful in homes that have unique heating and cooling challenges. For instance, it’s often difficult for central HVAC systems to effectively manage multi-story homes. Upper levels may become too warm while lower levels stay too cold.

How do HVAC zone dampers work?

HVAC zoning utilizes a series of dampers that are installed either in the ducts or at the air vents. These dampers can open or close mechanically as needed to deliver airflow to each part of the home. Each zone has its own thermostat so you can adjust the temperature individually for that section of the house.

Do zone dampers work?

Better air quality The dampers that control a zoned HVAC system make sure air is only diverted to the zone it’s intended for, so they help keep unwanted dirt and debris that escaped the filtration system from circulating throughout the entire house every time the HVAC system is turned on.

Why would a customer want a zoned system?

A zoning system allows guests to adjust the temperature of their own room without it affecting the whole house. The same is true for the homeowner adjusting the temperature of possibly unused rooms.

Are dampers bad for HVAC?

If you’re thinking, “Hey, closing off my air supply dampers might also increase static pressure,” you’d be right! A fully or partially closed damper pushes back against the air being forced through the system by the blower fan. It increases air resistance inside your ductwork.

How much does it cost to install HVAC dampers?

If your damper isn’t working, you’ll need to replace the part. Expect to pay $350 on average to replace a motorized HVAC damper, with a typical range of $250 to $450. However, you could pay as little as $100 or as much as $600.