What companies use contract manufacturing?

What companies use contract manufacturing?

Top US Contract Manufacturers on Thomasnet.com

Company Annual Sales
1 Bassett Industries, Inc. 10-24.9
2 Bracalente Manufacturing Co., Inc. 25-49.9
3 HPL Stampings, Inc.
4 Fairchild Auto-Mated Parts, Inc. 1-4.9

How do I find a good contract manufacturer?

Businesses should seek out contract manufacturers that have experience, or specialize in making products similar to yours. One of the greatest benefits contract manufacturers offer is their ability to determine the best manufacturing options by tapping into comprehensive industry knowledge.

What is a contract manufacturing company?

A contract manufacturer (CM) is a third-party manufacturer of components or products for a company. This is a form of outsourcing. A company generally approaches a CM with a design or product and ask for pricing to manfacture based upon variables like processes, labor, tooling, and material costs.

What is OEM contract manufacturer?

Simply put, an OEM contract manufacturer is an outsourced company that handles the creation of equipment the hiring company cannot make themselves.

Who is the largest contract manufacturer in the world?

Top 50 contract manufacturers ranked

  • Hon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn) — Tucheng City, Taiwan.
  • Flextronics International Ltd. —
  • Jabil Circuit — St.
  • Celestica — Toronto, Canada.
  • Sanmina-SCI — San Jose, CA.
  • New Kinpo Group — Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Shenzhen Kaifa Technology — Shenzhen, China.

What should I ask a contract manufacturer?

10 Questions to Ask a Potential Contract Manufacturing Partner

  • Do you have a solid quality program in place?
  • Can you provide creative solutions to help us manage change?
  • What will your top 3 customers tell me about you?
  • How big is your company?
  • I just need to find the lowest price.

How do you select third party manufacturing?

Criteria for Selecting the Right Third-Party Manufacturing Partner

  1. Listing the specialities of the prospects.
  2. Equipment and assets of the company.
  3. Strength of personnel.
  4. Regulatory compliance.
  5. The degree of scalability.
  6. Location.
  7. Domain expertise.

How do contract manufacturers make money?

Contract manufacturing involves outsourcing a product’s manufacturing process to a trusted manufacturer. Engineers from the company seeking service will provide complete drawings and documentation and the CM will then manufacture the product from start to finish therefore taking the production burden off of companies.

What is the difference between a manufacturer and a contract manufacturer?

Contract manufacturing is like a build-your-own pizza. You pick everything, from the ingredients to the materials, to the packaging, and a contract manufacturer produces it to be sold under your own brand. The high level of autonomy is great for some companies, but it can also be a lot more work.

Is OEM same as contract manufacturer?

Contract Manufacturing (CM) is a step beyond OEM. While an OEM may offer products to be customised or may otherwise guide and help in the product design stage, a CM is just that – a manufacturer for hire.

What is OEM and ODM?

OEM products are sold by the manufacturer based on the buyer’s specifications. ODM products are finalized or are pre-designed products that are sold under the brand name of the purchasing company. ODM products are complete and finished products, unlike OEM products.