What did British poet Hilaire Belloc say about the Maxim gun?

What did British poet Hilaire Belloc say about the Maxim gun?

Early 20th century British poet Hilaire Belloc summed this up in a short stanza, he said: “We shall not fear the Hottentot because we have the Maxim gun and he has not.”(NATO speeches: Video Interview with Chris Donnelly, Special Advisor to the Secretary General for Central and Eastern Europe ) A Mutiny resulted.

Is the Maxim gun still used?

Nevertheless, the Maxim is still a pretty good machine gun. It is water-cooled and has a rate of fire of 600 rounds per minute, and fires the 7.62×54 round. This round is still in use today in the Dragunov, SV-98 sniper rifle and the PKM machine gun.

What ammo did the Maxim gun use?

This was known in the Second Boer War (in South Africa) as the Pom-Pom from its sound. The Boers’ “one-pounder” Maxim-Nordenfeldt was a large caliber, belt-fed, water-cooled “auto cannon” that fired explosive rounds (smokeless ammunition) at 450 rounds per minute.

What is meant by whatever happens we have got the Maxim gun and they have not?

“Whatever happens, we have got The Maxim gun, and they do not”. The quote is essentially saying that regardless of what other nations do, that your nation has something that other nations do not have. In this case, it would be the Maxim gun, the first fully automatic machine gun.

How many people died to the Maxim machine gun?

Fifty British security guards of the Rhodesian Charter Company in Africa brought four Maxims to bear against Zulu tribesmen, and in less than 90 minutes the guns had killed 3,000 of an attacking Zulu force of 5,000. On Sept.

How much does a Maxim gun cost?

In 2015 US dollars, that would be approximately $30,000-$45,000 per gun. This was not cheap hardware!

Who invented the Maxim gun?

Hiram MaximMaxim gun / Inventor

Was the Maxim gun accurate?

The Maxim gun was the first self-powered Machine Gun, created by American-born British inventor Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim in 1884. It is generally regarded as the first true machine gun, and is certainly the first to function reliably.

When was Maxim gun invented?

In 1884, Hiram Maxim built the first effective machine gun, which revolutionized warfare. Born in 1840 in Sangersville, Maine, Maxim was apprenticed at 14 to a carriage maker. While learning that trade, he exhibited a knack for invention, designing a mousetrap that automatically reset and rid local mills of rodents.

How many bullets could a machine gun fire per minute in 1914?

The Machine Gun in 1914 The 1914 machine gun, usually positioned on a flat tripod, would require a gun crew of four to six operators. In theory they could fire 400-600 small-calibre rounds per minute, a figure that was to more than double by the war’s end, with rounds fed via a fabric belt or a metal strip.