What is premium access to Blue Lagoon?

What is premium access to Blue Lagoon?

When selecting the Blue Lagoon Premium Package you receive entrance to the Blue Lagoon, towel, silica mud mask, the use of a bathrobe, and a towel, a drink of your choice, algae mask, and finally a table reservation with sparkling wine at LAVA Restaurant (if dining).

Can you stay overnight at the Blue Lagoon?

The Blue Lagoon offers a variety of day visit, overnight accommodation and dining options.

How much does it cost to visit Blue Lagoon Iceland?

How much do the lagoons cost? There are three levels of admission to the Blue Lagoon – Comfort ($53), Premium ($68), or Retreat Spa ($372). Each ticket gives you access to the iconic lagoon, use of a towel, a silica mud mask, and your first beverage.

How much is a night at the Blue Lagoon?

What is this? Premium tickets at the Blue Lagoon cost 8,990 ISK ($70 USD). The premium package includes entrance to the Blue Lagoon, silica mud mask, use of towel, first free drink of your choice, second face mask of your choice, dining reservation (optional), and sparkling wine with your dining reservation.

Whats the difference between comfort and premium at The Blue Lagoon?

The premium package costs 10200 ISK per person. There are 2 cheaper options – standard and comfort – but they lack the bathrobe and flip flop. When it comes to the Blue Lagoon comfort vs premium packages, in my opinion, the premium offers better value and a better experience.

What is the difference between comfort and premium at The Blue Lagoon?

The Premium package ($80) includes everything in the Comfort package, but adds use of a bathrobe and slippers, a reservation at Lava Restaurant, and sparkling wine if dining at Lava. The Luxury package ($223) includes everything in the Premium package, as well as a spa product set and entrance into an exclusive lounge.

Is it worth it to stay at the Blue Lagoon?

But if you’ve only got a few days in Iceland or want to visit several of the pools Iceland has to offer, Blue Lagoon can easily be worth the cost and hype. It may not be a hidden gem, but it may be exactly what you need to relax and enjoy your last day in Iceland.

Does the Blue Lagoon have a hotel?

Retreat Hotel: Book Blue Lagoon Retreat Hotel & Spa | Blue Lagoon Iceland.

Is Blue Lagoon good at night?

The best time to visit the Blue Lagoon is in the evening or the early morning. During these times of the day, it’s less crowded, and the waiting lines are shorter. In the evening it’s possible to enjoy the northern lights or the midnight sun, depending on the season.

How long can you stay at The Blue Lagoon?

There’s no time limit on your stay, but most visitors spend a couple hours in the water and stick around for lunch or dinner at the Blue Cafe or LAVA restaurant. I relaxed for about three hours before showering, changing and heading to the airport for a 5:00 p.m. flight.

How much is the Blue Lagoon Suite?

Prices / 2021: From 1.800. 000 ISK per night Minimum stay is two nights, based on 2 guests. Guests are free to create their own all-inclusive holiday. From helicopter service to in-suite dining and private excursions around Iceland, the options are numerous.

How long can you stay at the Blue Lagoon?