What is Terminator in German?

What is Terminator in German?

Translation of terminator in German

English German
the terminator der Terminator

Who owned the Boboli Gardens?

Stretching over 11 acres directly behind the majestic Palazzo Pitti, the Boboli Gardens were part of the estate once owned by the most powerful and scandalous family of Tuscan nobility, the Medicis.

Who lived in Boboli Gardens?

The Medici and the Lorraine families continued to enrich and enlarge the garden also in 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

How big is the Boboli Gardens?

approximately 111 acres
Boboli Gardens, Italian Giardino di Boboli, approximately 111 acres (45 hectares) of lavishly landscaped gardens behind the Pitti Palace, extending to modern Fort Belvedere, in Florence.

Why is it called Boboli Gardens?

The Boboli Gardens were laid out for Eleonora di Toledo, the wife of Cosimo I de’ Medici. The name may be a corruption of “Bogoli” or “Borgoli”, possibly a family who had previously owned the land.

Where did the Medici family build the Boboli Gardens?

Gardens’ location: Behind the Pitti Palace
Medici purchased Pitti Palace: 1550, by Cosimo I and Eleonora of Toledo
Garden begun 1549, for Eleonora of Toledo
Origin of the name Boboli: Corruption of “Bogoli”, a family from whom land had been bought to construct the garden

Are the Boboli Gardens worth it?

It’s located on the other side of the darkly flowing Arno River from most Florence tourist attractions. The manicured gardens require a small entrance fee, but it’s worth it for the views, the fresh air, and the unexpectedly charming gardens hidden in various corners.

How do you say Boboli Gardens in Italian?

The Boboli Gardens (Italian: Giardino di Boboli) is a historical park of the city of Florence that was opened to the public in 1766.

How much does it cost to visit the Boboli Gardens?

Cost of tickets The ticket is free for residents of the Municipality of Florence, who can take advantage of the free entrance to the garden using the entrance from the Palazzina di Annalena in Via Romana and the one on the Piazzale di Porta Romana (temporarily closed in 2021).

Can you eat in Boboli Gardens?

The Boboli Gardens are a great place for a picnic. I take my lunch in there whenever I’m in Florence. I find sitting on a bench more comfortable at my age and generally pick one by the pond and isolotto. Sure you can do a picnic, there is a hefty fine if you leave dirt around (rightly).

Can you enter the Boboli Gardens for free?

Free admission to the Garden of Villa Bardini with the ticket of the Boboli Gardens….Single ticket.

Regular 10€
Free admission Eligibility criteria for free admission 0€
Entrance reservation How it works 3€

How long does it take to walk through Boboli Gardens?

1-2 hours
How much time do you need at Boboli Gardens? We recommend spending 1-2 hours inside Boboli Gardens.