What is the difference between a chase wall and a shaft wall?

What is the difference between a chase wall and a shaft wall?

Registered User. Dictionary definition: (a continuous recess: Harris) a vertical or horizontal enclosure/recess (of rated or non-rated construction) with which to conceal/route, plumbing, electrical, etc.; shafts tend to be vertical while chases may be either.

What does Chase mean in construction terms?

A chase, as it pertains to new home construction, is a vertical space in a wall that provides an area for pipes or wires to run through. These chases are placed in a strategic way so that cables can be gathered and run together. A chase is simply installed from a single open space to another.

What is chases in masonry?

Chases can reduce the masonry compressive strength considerably. In general, a reduction of the masonry strength proportional to the reduction of the cross-​section area seems to be a reasonable approach in analysing the influence of chases on masonry compressive strength.

What is a chase cut?

Chase cut edging involves cutting a a channel into your existing tarmac or concrete for your new surface to be tucked into at its perimeter.

How deep should wires be chased into walls?

The document states that, vertical chases shouldn’t be deeper than 1/3 leaf of the wall, and horizontal chases shouldn’t be deeper than 1/6 of the leaf.

How do you chase a pipe through a wall?

Always cut a chase vertical or horizontally, never diagonally. This reduces the chances of someone driving a nail into cables or pipes in the future. If making a vertical chase, the chase should not be deeper than a third of the wall’s thickness.

How deep should a chase wall be?

How do you repair a chase wall?

Fill the chase with plasterboard adhesive, wait for it to dry (it will shrink back slightly) then skim with a surface filler. I did it this way and it worked brilliantly.

How deep can you chase a wall?

What is a pipe chase?

A pipe chase is an enclosed, finished space used to house and conceal pipe runs.