Who was the first Kryten?

Who was the first Kryten?

actor David Ross
In the character’s first appearance, originally only intended as a one-off, Kryten was played by actor David Ross but the popularity of the character meant that Kryten was introduced as a regular in Series III.

Who was Legion in Red Dwarf?

Nigel Williams
Nigel Williams played the character of Legion.

Why did Hattie leave Red Dwarf?

Hayridge left the series due to the decision to drop the Holly character as superfluous during the “Starbug is lost” story arc of Series VI and VII, although around the time VI as produced, she reprised the role of Holly for the Danny John-Jules music video of “Tongue Tied”, alongside her predecessor (and successor) …

Who played Kryten?

Robert LlewellynRed Dwarf
David RossRed Dwarf
Kryten/Voiced by

Why does Kryten have an American accent?

Robert Llewellyn uses a Canadian accent to play Kryten. He considered using a Swedish or American accent before settling on Canadian. Llewellyn discovered the accent while spending time in Vancouver, British Columbia; which he describes as being a cross between Scottish and American.

Who plays Kryten?

Why did Holly become Hilly?

The story explanation for Holly’s change between the episodes was that Holly had fallen so madly in love with Hilly that he transformed his face to resemble hers as an act of affection.

What series type Mechanoid is Kryten?

Series 4000 mechanoid
Kryten 2X4B 523P, B.S. (Bachelor of Sanitation) is a Series 4000 mechanoid or ‘slave ‘noid’. He is very humanoid, with the exception of the flat cubic planes visible on his face and head. His brain is synthetic yet also partly organic, based on that of John Warburton.

Were Craig Charles dreads real?

Lister’s dreadlocks ponytail is a hairpiece. Craig Charles has never had this hairstyle in real life.

What is Lister’s accent on Red Dwarf?

He is a supporter of the London Jets zero-gravity football team, and speaks with a Liverpudlian (Scouse) accent.