Is Judge Lina Hidalgo a real judge?

Is Judge Lina Hidalgo a real judge?

Lina Maria Hidalgo (born February 19, 1991) is an American politician in the state of Texas. She is the county judge of Harris County, the third-most populous county in the United States. Hidalgo is the first woman and the first Latina to be elected to this office.

What does the Harris County commissioner do?

The county commissioner is responsible for roads and bridges within their precinct and makes policy-making budget decisions. Four commissioners, elected from a quarter of the county’s population, serve along with the county judge on the commissioner’s court.

How many commissioner precincts are in Harris County?

four commissioner court
Harris County is divided into four commissioner court precincts.

How many commissioners does Harris County have?

four commissioners
The Harris County Commissioners Court is made up of the county judge, who serves as the county’s chief executive officer, and four commissioners. The judge is elected county-wide and the commissioners are elected by district.

Is Judge Lina Hidalgo a Democrat?

Democratic PartyLina Hidalgo / Party

How do I contact Harris County commissioners court?

Commissioners CourtContact Us

  • Harris County Administration Building.
  • 1001 Preston, Suite 610.
  • Houston, TX 77002.
  • (713) 274-1300.

What are the duties of a commissioner?

Commissioners are responsible for overseeing the county’s management and administration, representing county interests at the state and federal level, participating in long-range planning, and managing the county budget and finances.

How do I contact Harris County Commissioners court?

Who is in charge of Harris County?

Lina Hidalgo Judge Lina Hidalgo
Judge Lina Hidalgo is the head of Harris County’s governing body. She is the first woman to be elected County Judge and only the second to be elected to the Commissioners Court. Harris County is the third largest county in our nation.

What is Harris County Judge salary?

The Assistant Medical Examiner earned $206,004. The Deputy Director earned $203,700. 20 county judges earned $144,204.

Is Judge Lina Hidalgo Republican or Democrat?