What is UC3843 IC?

What is UC3843 IC?

The UC3843 IC is a current Mode PWM Controller, meaning it can be used to provide a constant current by varying the output voltage to the load.

Which IC is used for SMPS?

SMPS primary I.C. All the devices are made using VIPower M0 Technology, combines on the same silicon chip a state-of-the-art PWM circuit together with an optimized, high voltage, Vertical Power MOSFET (700V/ 0.5A).

What is PWM IC?

TL494 is a PWM controller IC used for power electronics circuits. It comprises of on-chip two error amplifiers an oscillator with adjustable frequency feature, an output flip-flop having pulse steering control, and an output control circuit with feedback.

What is UC3842?

The UC3842 is an integrated pulse width modulator (PWM) designed with both these objectives in mind. This IC provides designers an inexpensive control- ler with which they can obtain all the performance advantages of current-mode operation.

What is current mode PWM controller?

Glossary Term: Current Mode PWM A DC-DC switching regulator which regulates its output voltage by varying the peak inductor current on a cycle-by-cycle basis to output a regulated voltage despite variations in load-current and input-voltage. Synonyms. Current-Mode Controller.

What is the application of SMPS?

Application of Switched Mode power supply (SMPS) It is used in servers, power stations, and personal computers. It is used in vehicles for charging batteries. It is used in factories and industries for power. It is used in the railway system, security system.

Why is PWM used?

PWM is used in many applications, ranging from communications to power control and conversion. For example, the PWM is commonly used to control the speed of electric motors, the brightness of lights, in ultrasonic cleaning applications, and many more.

Why PWM is used in SMPS?

The on and off of the switch is controlled by PWM that generated by PIC microcontroller 16F877A. The on and off of the switch is important because the duty cycles of the PWM is used to regulate the DC output voltage. So the desire output voltage can be produced by generate various duty cycle.

How does PWM control voltage?

Driving a cooling fan motor with PWM causes the motor to respond to the average of the pulses. In this way, PWM mimics the linear control obtained through varying a voltage that changes over time. The average voltage equals duty cycle multiplied by the maximum voltage applied to the motor.

What are the applications of UPS?

Applications of UPS systems include medical facilities, life supporting systems, data storage and computer systems, emergency equipment, telecommunications, industrial processing, and on-line management systems. The static switch provides redundancy of the power source in the case of UPS malfunction or overloading.

What are the advantages of SMPS?

The advantages of SMPS include,

  • The efficiency is as high as 80 to 90%
  • Less heat generation; less power wastage.
  • Reduced harmonic feedback into the supply mains.
  • The device is compact and small in size.
  • The manufacturing cost is reduced.
  • Provision for providing the required number of voltages.