What submarines did the US use in ww2?

What submarines did the US use in ww2?

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  • Balao-class submarine.
  • Gato-class submarine.
  • Mackerel-class submarine.
  • United States O-class submarine.
  • United States Porpoise-class submarine.
  • United States R-class submarine.
  • United States S-class submarine.
  • Salmon-class submarine.

How many submarines did the US Navy have in ww2?

263 US submarines
In World War II, the United States Navy used submarines heavily. Overall, 263 US submarines undertook war patrols, claiming 1,392 ships and 5,583,400 tons during the war.

How deep did US submarines go in world war 2?


Country Class Diving depth (feet)
Netherlands O21 Class 115m
United Kingdom T-class 300-350
United Kingdom U-class 300
United States Gato 300-400

How many subs did U.S. lose in ww2?

Fifty-two submarines
Fifty-two submarines of the United States Navy were lost during World War II.

How long could ww2 subs stay submerged?

Model of the USS Balao (SS-285) Fleet Submarine Two 126-cell battery groups gave her a submerged top speed of 8.75 knots (16.2 km/hr); holding her speed to 2 knots (4 km/hr), she could remain submerged for 48 hours.

Why did ww2 subs have to surface?

Submarines were under strict orders not to surface during the day when they were within 500 miles of a Japanese airfield in order to avoid aerial observation and attack. In the early days of the war in the Pacific this meant just about everywhere as the Japanese were in control of vast swaths of territory and ocean.

How many ships did US subs sunk in ww2?

Overall, U.S. Navy submarines sank around 1,300 Japanese merchant ships, as well as roughly 200 warships.