Where is Larkana situated?

Where is Larkana situated?

The city is located within Larkana District. Formerly known as “Chandka”, Larkana is located on the south bank of the Ghar canal, about 40 miles (64 km) south of the town Shikarpur, and 36 miles (58 km) northeast of Mehar….Larkana.

Larkana لاڙڪاڻو لاڑکانہ
Website Larkana.pk

What is area of Larkana?

31.66 mi²Larkana / Area

What is Larkana famous for?

Larkana is famous for guava fruit; Ratodero and Larkana are famous for abundance of guava orchards. A fertile land surrounds Larkana which produces all kinds of crops, fruits and some vegetables for example matter, guava, rice, maize, mustard and sugarcane.

How many Tehsil are there in Larkana district?

It is located 40 miles south of the district Shikarpur and 36 miles northeast of district Dadu. The Talukas are Larkana, Rato Dero, Dokri and Bakrani.

Is Larkana division or district?

Larkana is the divisional headquarters of Larkana Division. It comprises the following districts: Jacobabad District….

Larkana Division
Province Sindh
Capital Larkana
• Commissioner Gahanwer Laghari

How many divisions are there in Larkana?

five districts
The Larkana Division population – comprising five districts –increased to 6.192 million people. There was an addition of 1.98 million with an increase of 47%. The division hosts 12.93% of the province’s population – a reduction of 0.87% in past 19 years.

Is Larkana rural or urban?

Sindh Urban meaning

Sindh Rural Cities Sindh Urban Cities Sindh Urban Areas
Kotri Umerkot District: No urban areas
Larkana Karachi District: No urban areas
Matiari Sanghar District: a) Sanghar Municipality b) Shahdadpur Municipality c) Tando Adam Municipality d) Sinjhoro Municipality

Who is current DC of Larkana?

Tarique Manzoor
Deputy Commissioner Larkana’s Tweets Tarique Manzoor, Deputy Commissioner Larkano at Camp Office DC House, Larkano. -C were organised successfully. I am pleased to share that First C section held in evening shift today at GH Naudero.

When was Larkana founded?

District Larkana is situated in the upper part of the Sindh province. Larkana was founded on the banks of the Ghaar Wah Canal, about 300 years ago by a tribe called “Laraks”.

Is Larkana division or District?

Which district is Larkana division?

Who is current DIG Larkana?

. Mazhar Nawaz Shaikh
Larkana Range

S. No. Designation Name
1 DIGP Larkana Range Mr. Mazhar Nawaz Shaikh, PSP
2 ADIGP Operations, Larkana Vacant
3 SP Legal, Larkana Range Vacant
4 SP Complaint Cell, Larkana Range Vacant