What is compressor packaging?

What is compressor packaging?

Compressor Packages means natural gas compression equipment generally consisting of an engineered package of major serial numbered components including an engine, compressor, compressor cylinders, natural gas and engine jacket cooler, control devices and ancillary piping mounted on a metal skid.

Why is piston rod packing used?

Packing systems are used to maintain a tight seal around the piston rod, preventing the gas compressed to high pressure in the compressor cylinder from leaking, while allowing the rod to move freely.

What is piston rod packing?

Piston rod packings (short form PRP) are used in double-acting reciprocating compressors to seal the crank-side cylinder. Because the packing rings seal on the reciprocating piston rod, they wear out over a period of time.

What is Rod reversal in reciprocating compressor?

Rod reversal occurs when the combination of pressure and inertia forces on the reciprocating components cause a reversal in the loading of the crosshead pin and bushing. This is sometimes referred to as load reversal.

What is skid in compressor?

The skid condenses the fundamental parts of an industrial-grade compressor into a reduced footprint, a profile that can be shipped efficiently and set to work promptly. Rotary screw models are currently favoured, mostly due low maintenance costs and an ability to pump high pressures while retaining smaller dimensions.

What is compression skid?

If determined to be economical, compressor skids are used at the wellhead to increase production. Mechanical and analog instruments are commonly selected for their lower cost, compact size and ability to respond quickly to critical process conditions (e.g. surge detection).

Which material is used for piston rod?

Piston rod materials are hardened steel and can include metal spray in packing areas to extend rod life. Piston materials can be steel, cast nodular iron, or aluminum. The most common being cast iron due to its durability.

What is the difference between piston rod and connecting rod?

Connecting rod: It is similar as piston rod but it is usually used in large engines. – It is used where the crankshaft is far away from the piston assembly. – It is used in heavy ship engines, steam engines. Piston rod: It is a rod which connects the piston to the crankshaft of the engine assembly.

What is Rod loading?

A major factor the engineer must consider when designing a reciprocating compressor package is the structural limit of the compressor. This limit is referred to as the rod load or frame load and is the maximum continuous operating force the compressor can safely withstand.

What causes non Rod reversal?

Slow Speed Operation Low speed operation by itself is not necessarily a problem. But, with other conditions present, slow speed could be a significant contributor to a non-reversing rod load. b. Single-Acting Operation Non-reversing rod loads occur in single-acting operations more than in any other situation.