What rank is purge DOTA?

What rank is purge DOTA?

Purge (Kevin Godec) is ranked #355 among 1167 Dota 2 players worldwide , #28 among 104 players in United States by prize money won. Purge (Kevin Godec) is a 34 years old Dota 2 player from United States. Purge (Kevin Godec) has raised $27,790 for the whole Dota 2 professional career.

What does Witchbane purge?

Abilities. Purge Target Enemy or Ally.

What does purge do in Dota?

A dispel (also known as a purge) is an ability that removes most debuffs (negative status effects) from allies, and removes most buffs (positive status effects) from enemies. Cyclones, spell immunity, and invulnerability buffs also apply a dispel on cast.

Does Witchbane work with illusions?

If you read the in-game description of Witchbane, it’s supposed to deal 500 damage to all illusions in the active’s AOE. Tested in demo mode and it does not damage illusions.

How old is purge Dota 2?

Earnings By Age

Total Results Online Results
31 Years Old $600.00 1
26 Years Old $20,735.11 0

Who is Bamboe?

Bamboe was one of the most popular Dota 2 streamers and made himself a name back in the old DotA days. The iconic Dutch player was especially known for his time with mousesports and Team Zephyr.

What can nullifier dispel?

Melee carry heroes that depend on auto-attacks with above average attack speed can use Nullifier to dispel enemy’s disengage options, allowing them to attack at will.

Can nullifier dispel BKB?

Can the Nullifier cancel the BKB? It dispels those two is why and in the case of euls it dispels if they’re in the air as you use nullifier.

Can BKB be dispelled?

Even though BKB cannot be dispelled, not all hope is lost, there’s a bunch of spells in Dota 2 that pierce its magic immunity and can disable your enemy entirely or slow his movement speed, creating an opportunity for the status duration to run out so you and your team can combo magic damage and stuns at the wearer.

Can illusions Use skull basher?

Yes and No, Illusion benefits from a lots of passive abilities may they be granted by items or skills but not all. You can not benefit from bashes on illusion (Bash from basher, Abyssal blade, or Barathrum’s bash for example).

Where is purge DotA from?

the United States
Biography[edit] Born in the United States, Godec has been a gaming enthusiast since a young age. His alias “Purge” comes from when he called himself “Purge058” on Xbox Live.

Is Bamboe dead?

The Dota 2 community mourns the passing of Alaan ‘Bamboe’ Faraj. The beloved pro player and streamer Alaan ‘Bamboe’ Faraj seems to have passed away at the young age of 29.