How long do 2012 Honda Civic hybrids last?

How long do 2012 Honda Civic hybrids last?

Your Honda hybrid battery life expectancy is between 6 to 10 years or up to 100,000 miles. Other Honda hybrid battery options can last a little bit longer on Woodinville roads for about 10 years or even closer to 150,000 miles.

What hybrid is better than Prius?

Toyota Prius vs. Competitors

Model MPG or MPGe Consumer Reports Reliability Rating (5 is best)
Tesla Model 3 142 MPGe 3
Hyundai IONIQ and Kia Niro 112 MPGe 3
Toyota RAV4 Prime and RAV4 Hybrid 94 MPGe 3
Toyota Corolla and Camry Hybrids 52 MPG 5

Is a Prius bigger than a Honda Civic?

2022 Toyota Prius |….2022 Honda Civic vs. 2022 Toyota Prius Review.

2022 Honda Civic MSRP*: $23,550 to $30,050 See details & photos Find Your Best Price Today! Get Prices 2022 Toyota Prius MSRP*: $25,075 to $33,370 See details & photos Find Your Best Price Today! Get Prices
Exterior Length 179.0 in 180.0 in
Exterior Width 70.9 in 69.3 in

How much does it cost to replace a 2012 Honda Civic hybrid battery?

For owners outside of warranty, the cost of replacing the battery that feeds the Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system can range from $2,000 to $4,000. That’s a substantial expense for a non-luxury vehicle that’s less than a decade old.

Is the Honda Civic Hybrid a good car?

Great mileage super reliable, slow acceleration and uncomfortable seats for long journeys. For 5 years and 65000 miles amazing value, I did have my hybrid battery replaced at dealership right after the purchase with upgraded one so far at 161000 miles no complains. Rating breakdown (out of 5): Comfort 3.0.

What Honda is comparable to a Prius?

2019 Honda Insight

Toyota Prius Honda Insight
Base Engine
1.8L four-cylinder and electric motor 1.5L four-cylinder and electric motor

Is Toyota Civic Hybrid?

Honda and Toyota both have hybrids in their lineup. Toyota has the Prius, which was specifically designed as a hybrid, while Honda offers a hybrid version of the popular Civic.