Is 760 a good SAT Subject Test score?

Is 760 a good SAT Subject Test score?

Good SAT Subject Test scores tend to be a fair deal higher than good scores on the general SAT since high academic achievers tend to take the Subject Tests….What Are the Average SAT Subject Test Scores?

SAT Subject Test Mean Score
Chinese with Listening 760
Ecological Biology 627
French 622
French with Listening 679

What is a 760 score on SAT?

What Is a Good SAT Score Overall?

Percentile Math Score EBRW Score
99+ 780-800
99 800 760-770
95 740-750 710
90 690 670-680

Is a 760 Math SAT good?

A 760 is in the 96th percentile on Math but in the 99th percentile on EBRW, and a 700 is in the 91st percentile on Math but in the 94th percentile on EBRW. This means that if you were aiming for the same percentile on both sections, you’d have to get a higher score on Math than you would on EBRW.

What is the average biology SAT score?

Average SAT Subject Test Scores and Standard Deviations

SAT Subject Test Mean Score # of Test Takers (2018-20)
Ecological Biology 627 83,310
Molecular Biology 659 108,587
Chemistry 672 195,628
Physics 675 164,266

What is a good SAT score for Ivy League?

Standardized testing is a necessary evil of the college admissions process – especially when applying to an Ivy League school. It’s important to score a 1550+ on the SAT and/or 34+ on the ACT to be competitive for the Ivy League.

Is 790 a good SAT score?

Is a 790 a good SAT score? A score of 790 is definitely low. It places you in the bottom 8th percentile nationally out of the 1.7 million test takers of the SAT entrance exam. The score indicates you’ve done a very poor job answering the questions on the Math and Evidence-Based Reading & Writing sections of the test.

What does a 760 on PSAT mean?

The PSAT is scored between 320 and 1520 points. You’ll get two scaled scores between 160 and 760: one for Math and one for Reading and Writing combined (called Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, or EBRW).

Is 700 a good SAT Biology score?

In general, you’re going to want a Biology SAT Subject Test Score in the 700s for highly selective colleges and universities. A lower score won’t exclude you from serious consideration, but the majority of admitted students will have scores of 700 or higher.

Is 750 good on SAT Math?

You can tell this is the case because a 750 is a 98th percentile score for EBRW, meaning you’re in the top 2% of test takers. But that same score is in the 95th percentile for Math, placing you only in the top 5%.