Is Brockton Hospital part of Beth Israel?

Is Brockton Hospital part of Beth Israel?

Signature Healthcare-Brockton Hospital is an affiliate of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center | BIDMC.

Is Brockton hospital a teaching hospital?

We are a community-based non-profit 216 licensed bed teaching hospital, providing a full range of clinical services.

When did Brockton become signature healthcare?

Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital is a 216-bed hospital located in Brockton, Massachusetts….

Brockton Hospital
Opened 1896
Lists Hospitals in Massachusetts

Is Brockton Hospital part of Steward?

Good Samaritan Medical Center is part of Steward Health Care System.

How many beds does Brockton Hospital have?

216Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital: Emergency Room / Number of beds

Who owns Steward hospitals?

HCA Healthcare
HCA Healthcare, one of the biggest hospital operators in the U.S., is acquiring Steward Health Care’s entire hospital footprint in Utah to meet rising demand in the state, the system announced Monday.

How many beds does Brockton hospital have?

What is Brockton famous for?

Dubbed the City of Champions for its rich sports history, Brockton was the hometown of boxing greats Rocky Marciano and Marvin Hagler. Today, Campanelli Stadium, located on Feinberg Way, is home to the Brockton Rox. The team competes in the Futures Collegiate Baseball League.

Is Brockton poor?

The Poverty Rate across the state of Massachusetts is 11.1%, meaning Brockton has a dramatically higher than average percentage of residents below the poverty line when compared to the rest of Massachusetts….Poverty Rate in Brockton, Massachusetts.

City Poverty Rate
Brockton 16.8%
Duxbury 1.2%
North Pembroke 1.7%
North Plymouth 14.8%

Is Brockton Hospital a trauma center?

Good Samaritan Medical Center is an acute-care, 267-bed Catholic hospital providing comprehensive inpatient, outpatient, and Level III Trauma emergency services to Brockton and 22 neighboring communities.

Who is the CEO of Steward Health?

Ralph de la Torre (May 1, 2008–)Steward Health Care System / CEO