Who wins more in football Army or Navy?

Who wins more in football Army or Navy?

Navy: Series history. Navy holds the advantage in the all-time series, 61-53-7, but Army has won three of the last four meetings, including a 15-0 win last season. Navy won 14 consecutive meetings from 2002 through 2015, then Army won three in a row from 2016 to 2018.

What was the score of the Army-Navy game?

Navy stunned Army 17-13 in their annual showdown on Saturday at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

What was the lowest scoring Army-Navy game?

The 15 points were the fewest in an Army-Navy game since the last tie in the series, a 3-3 stalemate in windy, near-freezing conditions at Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium 40 years ago.

When was the last time Army-Navy over hit?

Army and Navy in particular haven’t hit an over since 2005, and have eclipsed the 40-point mark only once in their past six meetings, scoring 41 combined points in 2013.

What happened at the end of the army game?

Anderson, Army hold off Western Kentucky 38-35 — Christian Anderson rushed for a career-high 119 yards and passed for a touchdown and Army survived a Western Kentucky rally to take a 38-35 victory on Saturday.

How many times has the under hit in the Army Navy game?

The under is 15-0 since 2005 in meetings between Army and Navy. It’s been the equivalent of free money for a decade and a half now. However, all good things most eventually come to an end. Oddsmakers have clearly taken notice of the extreme profitability of betting the under in this game and have adjusted.

Can civilians go to the Army Navy game?

No civilian fans will be permitted to attend. During World War II, two Army-Navy games were held on the academy campuses. The Naval Academy hosted in 1942, which is why the 1943 contest was held at West Point.

How many times has the under hit in the Army-Navy game?

When was the last time Army Navy over hit?

Who has won the most Commander in Chief trophy?

The 56th football game between Army and Air Force had an unusual amount of big plays, but none were bigger than the game winner.

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