Who wrote modernization of indian tradition?

Who wrote modernization of indian tradition?

Yogendra SinghModernization of Indian Tradition: A Systemic Study of Social Change / AuthorYogendra Singh was an Indian sociologist. He was one of the founders of the Centre for the Study of Social Systems, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India, where he was a professor emeritus of Sociology, and where he has been a professor since 1971. Wikipedia

What were the great tradition according to Yogendra Singh?

Yogendra Singh, in his book Modernization of Indian Tradition, identifies three major streams of traditions in Indian society, namely, Hindu, Muslim and tribal. Though there are several ethnic communities in India, the three groups constitute major and primary traditions of the Indian society.

How Indian traditions are modernizing?

These historical factors have deeply influenced the process of modernization which followed during the post-colonial period. It increased the contingency of traditional institutions and symbolisms to the Indian process of modernization. Freedom movement ushered in a new political culture of modernization.

What is modernization How did Y Singh explain the modernization of Indian tradition?

Modernisation includes disposition to accept new ideas, faith in rationality of though, and belief in distributive justice. Modernisation is about a set of values which is cultural neutral. Max weber viewed Indian tradition in terms of spiritual values and the Western modernisation in terms of material values.

What is modernization PDF?

Modernization is an encompassing process of. massive social changes that, once set in motion, tends to penetrate all domains of life, from. economic activities to social life to political. institutions, in a self-reinforcing process.

What is Yogendra Singh approach to the study of Indian society?

Therefore, he related structural-functional, structuralism, structural-historical, culturalism and Marxist orientation and constructs in the study social stratification. He applied integrated approach for his analysis of social stratification, modernization and change in Indian society.

What modernization means?

modernization, in sociology, the transformation from a traditional, rural, agrarian society to a secular, urban, industrial society.

How did Y Singh explain the modernization of Indian tradition discuss?

According to Yogendra Singh, Modernisation is a form of cultural response involving attributes which are basically universalistic and evolutionary; they are pan-humanistic, trans-ethnic and non-ideological.

What are the aspects of social change in India according to Yogendra Singh?

In his studies, Singh has concentrated his focus on the following aspects of Indian society:

  • Social stratification.
  • Social change.
  • Modernization.
  • Indian sociology.
  • Culture change.

What is Modernisation in India?

The term ‘Modernisation’ is a broader and complex term. According to S.H. Alatas, “Modernisation is a process by which modern scientific knowledge is introduced in the society with the ultimate purpose of achieving a better and more satisfactory life in the broadest sense of the term accepted by the society concerned”.

What are the 4 stages of modernization?

For instance; Rostow () describes the various linear stages modernization i.e. Traditional, Pre-condition to take off, take off, drive to maturity and age of mass consumption.