Why my earphone button is not working?

Why my earphone button is not working?

Another simple method that you can try is to press the volume buttons several times. Sometimes it is the buttons that get stuck inside, and it is preventing your headphone’s volume control to work as well. So, pressing the buttons might get the buttons back to the normal position and will fix the issue instantly.

Why my wired earphone is not working on my phone?

Check the headphone jack and volume buttons on the phone or tablet. Use the volume up and down keys to make sure they’re working. You should also inspect the headphone jack on the phone or tablet with a flashlight and make sure there are no debris or bent pins. If the pins are bent, service is required.

Why is my audio jack not detecting headphones?

Your computer not recognizing your headphones is a fairly common issue in Windows 10 PCs. It could be caused by a corrupt or outdated driver, faulty USB ports (if your headset uses USB), an error in the connection (in case of Bluetooth, for example), or an issue with the headphones themselves.

How can I repair my earphone?

How to fix internal wires

  1. Open the Bluetooth device and remove the casing. Open Bluetooth earbuds.
  2. Locate the broken wires and reconnect these using a soldering iron.
  3. Return the internal components inside the casing.
  4. Turn on your Bluetooth earphones to test it, then re-seal if it’s all good.

How do I make my headphones default?

Computer Headsets: How to Set the Headset as the Default Audio Device

  1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
  2. Click Hardware and Sound in Windows Vista or Sound in Windows 7.
  3. Under the Sound tab, click Manage Audio Devices.
  4. On the Playback tab, click your headset, and then click the Set Default button.

How do I activate headphones?

Click the Playback tab. If your headphones don’t show up as a listed device, right-click on the empty area and make sure Show Disabled Devices has a check mark on it. If your headphones are disabled, it will now show up in the list. Right-click on your headphones and select Enable.

How can I fix my earphones without tools?

Fix a pair of headphones without tools in just three easy steps.

  1. Step 1: Identify the error area.
  2. Step 2: Twist the cord until the headset works.
  3. Step 3: Stick the adhesive tape to fix it.
  4. Step 1: Separate the cable.
  5. Step 2: Connect the wire.
  6. Step 3: Check to make sure the headphone is working.