Why was Frankie Goes to Hollywood Relax banned?

Why was Frankie Goes to Hollywood Relax banned?

There was no filter on ‘Relax’, which didn’t sit right with the powers that be in 1984. Broadcasters were disgusted by the unapologetic attitude that Frankie Goes To Hollywood proudly showed off on the track. The fact the group featured two homosexual men amplified the furore tenfold.

Why does Frankie Say Relax?

In the liner notes to their 1984 debut album Welcome to the Pleasuredome, Frankie Goes to Hollywood bassist Mark O’Toole writes of the band’s hit “Relax,” “[W]hen it first came out we used to pretend it was about motivation, and really it was about shagging.”

Is it Frankie Say Relax or Frankie says Relax?

Therefore, “Frankie Say” is the officially correct term as this refers to the band, not a person. Frankie Say Relax was, by far, the most popular official T-shirt design, and referred to the chart-topping, controversial song “Relax”, which was banned by the BBC (for a while) for it’s explicit lyrics.

Who produced Frankie Goes to Hollywood?

Trevor Horn
At that time Frankie Goes to Hollywood were the only act apart from the Beatles and John Lennon to concurrently occupy the top two positions on the chart….Relax (song)

Producer(s) Trevor Horn
Frankie Goes to Hollywood singles chronology
“Relax” (1983) “Two Tribes” (1984)
Music video

Who refused to play Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood?

DJ Mike Read
When it was first released, in October 1983, Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s debut single just about troubled the top 40. Enter irate Radio 1 DJ Mike Read who, objecting to its saucy artwork and lyrics, refused to play the track during the chart rundown.

What happened to the lead singer of Frankie Goes to Hollywood?

Since then, Holly has continued to perform as a solo artist, however these performances have been few and far between, and he told The Guardian in 2007 he “lives like a nun” to keep himself in good health since his diagnosis of HIV in 1991.

Could Frankie Goes to Hollywood play their own instruments?

Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Rock Songs Lipson, who the year before had worked on fellow ZTT act Propaganda’s album A Secret Wish, encouraged the band to play their own instruments. This was in sharp contrast to Welcome To The Pleasuredome, which was dominated by session musicians.

Who wore Frankie says Relax shirt?

Wham! wore a T-shirt with the slogan “Number One” – and later “Choose Life”; Frankie Goes to Hollywood had “Frankie Says Relax”.

What movie is Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood in?

Major League IIRelax / Movie

Who replaced Holly Johnson in Frankie Goes to Hollywood?

Ryan Molloy
Ryan Molloy (born 21 November 1972) is a British singer, songwriter and actor, who replaced Holly Johnson as the lead singer in Frankie Goes to Hollywood for a charity concert in 2004.